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Internet Scalable Platforms - [x]cube LABS

Building internet scale platforms

[x]cube can help you build internet scale platforms on cloud to achieve agility, flexibility and scalability for your resources and applications. These platforms will not only help you lower your costs but will also help you securely manage your data and handle millions of user interactions with ease. We have product alliances with leading cloud infrastructure providers, a range of cloud based assets and frameworks that can help you leverage cloud computing in a secure environment, with quick go-to-market.

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[x]cube offers a secure, speedy and seamless migration of your applications and dependent systems from hosting servers to cloud. We follow a proven, standardized migration architecture using world-class technology to support simple to complex migration to the cloud. We test readiness, redesign and optimize, if required, your applications and dependent systems before migration to cloud environment. Our robust migration protocol ensures security and control of your critical application and other assets.

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Cloud Migration Services - [x]cube LABS
Real Time Cloud Monitoring Services - [x]cube LABS


Our real-time cloud monitoring services ensure that your cloud resources and applications perform optimally and are in best of operational health by providing you with a unified view of critical metrics, collect and log files and set alerts. We can help you keep a track on response time, server availability, load balancing, job flows, uptime and any other custom instances to help you quickly respond to issues and keep your application running smoothly.

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Leveraging Cloud for Game Management & Real Time Analytics

Social Kinesis, [x]cube's very own game management system supports more than 2 million DAU across several highly popular mobile games. A platform that not only enables the game publishers to push new content and build engagement but provides real time analytics for revenue and retention optimization.

Cloud for Game Management - [x]cube LABS

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