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We help our clients unlock the imagination-fuelled world that game elements can bring to fun and learning.

Cartoon networks

Gaming - Now social and mainstream

In 2005 video games were seen as a medium aimed at younger children who only played on a console or PC. However, since the rise of casual gaming through apps, both on smartphones and tablet devices, and also on social networks such as Facebook we see millennials getting involved in gaming as a routine activity that keeps them engaged.

Enterprises can also leverage gaming to take the learnings of business and incorporate them in an easy-to-understand, interactive game that brings an entirely new approach to getting acquainted with a company.

Transform your game plan into reality

Our mobile game development team brings together a group of highly skilled mobile game designers, game artists, mobile game developers, cloud and server management specialists, monetization strategists and marketers. The game development processes employed have been refined over games spanning all scales and platforms. From concept to release, we have it all covered.


Game design is not just technology and animations but also about an engaging storyline, insights on gamer psychology and a cohesive strategy. Our designers give detailed attention to:

  • Characters & level design
  • Mechanics selection
  • Virtual economy selection
  • Game mechanics design & selection
  • Prototyping at various phases


We understand the importance of visually appealing aesthetics that can take user experience to the next level. Our art-centric focus covers:

  • Concept art
  • Texture art
  • 3D Modelling
  • Animation
  • Environment art


Our team leverages their expertise to develop games of the highest pedigree, using the latest tools and techniques. This phase covers:

  • Leaderboards
  • iOS & Android game development
  • Integration & engineering services
  • Game server-client programming
  • Porting


We run iterative tests to ensure that the end-deliverable is free from bugs and beyond par when it comes to the quality of experience. The testing covers:

  • Game enhancements
  • Gameplay testing
  • Game art & sound testing
  • Hardware testing
  • Game algorithm testing


As a full-service game development company we help you ensure that your game has required monetization, retention and virality components to gather traction and improve its LTV. We provide:

  • Technical assistance
  • BI & operations analytics
  • Multichannel software updates
  • Downloadable content
  • Performance & sales analytics

Areas we Play in


Games ensure that your IP stays, not just relevant, but popular amongst the crowd for a long time. At the end of the day, a game is a way to generate additional revenue for your intellectual property. The best part? You don’t need to work quite as hard on the game as you did on your original matter, because it is being handled by a team of dedicated developers, who know exactly what to do to help increase your profits!


Gamification applies game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. It’s all about adopting a new culture and to inspire everyone at work to give their best. Gamification breaks the monotony of performing the same task every day, making things a little more enjoyable.


Enterprise Gaming can be used as a tool to communicate everything that the company is about, both internally and externally. It’s a great way of not only creating awareness but also paving the way towards loyalists who swear by your brand. You can also use gaming as a way to train your employees by gamifying various onboarding processes in organizations, up-skilling employees by getting them to acquire skills through games and a lot more.


We are a leading digital transformation and strategy consulting company that has also delivered several chart-topping games like StarTrek Trexels, Madagascar Join the Circus. We have been the mobile game developer of choice for brands like CBS, Mattel, Hasbro, Dreamworks and others. When Dreamworks wanted to develop a mobile game for promoting the movie Madagascar - Europe’s Most Wanted, we delivered a best-selling game with millions of downloads and strong brand connect.

From creating a rapid game prototype to giving life to your vision and turning it into an engaging game and taking it to the market - we can be your end-to-end game development partner.

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