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Virtual Reality Development

Leverage Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies for your business.

VR and AR are changing the way we create models and conduct experiments, deeply impacting how we create prototypes and finished products.

VR in the Enterprise


For heavy engineering oriented enterprises in domains such as Mining, Metal Processing, Oil, Chemical manufacture, VR offers benefits such as co-engineering, enhanced safety, non-linear product design and more.


From taking grainy still pictures to having drone cameras record 4k video, our concept of tourism has evolved. Virtual Reality is the next frontier—the next enabler of new experiences in tourism.



VR or AR? What platform? How would it all integrate into your process?

Leveraging VR is more than simply building a VR app; it’s about taking a VR-centric approach, creating the necessary ecosystem that can integrate easily into your organization’s current structure and work flow.


Graphics are a big part of what VR and AR are all about.

Graphics are a big part of what VR and AR are all about. + 3D art, 360-degree video, creating rich, immersive environments, we do it all, whether using Maya, Illustrator, or Photoshop


We have the team and the equipment.                                                                  

If you are already executing your VR or AR strategy, we can help by doing QA. We have a clear process and a great team, ensuring smooth integration into an ongoing project.


Multiple platforms, a variety of engines and plugins. We do it all.

From VR games to AR apps for complex engineering manufacturing requirements, in Unity or Unreal, our team can deliver top notch for pretty much any requirement.


Designing in VR is a whole different beast. Throughout our short history.

Navigation, ease of use, User Interface and User Experience + Designing for VR and AR requires a whole new approach, since the display is not a single screen any more. Our design-centric approach allows us to deliver above par work consistently.


VR and AR are unique, and not limited to a single-screen.

And that means a whole new approach to analytics, whether measuring attention, clickthroughs, session duration, or funneling and segmentation. We’ve custom-built in-house analytics tools keeping in mind these unique requirements.

Why [x]cubeLABS

The [x]cube journey started in 2008. As the iPhone launched, we sensed the opportunity for a new technology shift..

And now with VR we sense the same opportunity. We have formidable experience in mobile, and we have a great team that has perfected the process of identifying problems for clients, offering them the right solutions, and then executing on those ideas flawlessly. Our clients include many Fortune 100 companies, as well as many small startups and outfits that went on to be big successes in no small measure thanks to our committed execution and expertise.

Our Clients


Is Immersive Technology Revolutionizing Fintech Companies?

Immersive Technologies: How VR/AR Are Driving Innovation In Businesses?

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party