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We help retailers boost customer engagement, aid in brand-building, drive traffic to the stores and accentuate the in-store experience. Our solutions help them optimize efficiency across the value chain by making their business more responsive to customer needs and providing accelerators to their processes.


leveraging digital in retail is full of challenges and also opportunities.

From struggling to unify their customer experience and designing an effective omnichannel strategy to understanding how to leverage customer analytics effectively and mapping an experience-driven consumer journey, retailers today are faced with many strategic and technological challenges.

We use our expertise in latest technologies and our digital consulting competence to help retailers create end-to-end solutions that enable them to innovate, optimize their processes, improve profitability and get ahead of their competitors

Our in-house retail experience platform, Glider, helps retailers deliver a captivating in-store experience

Our one-stop retail solution, Glider, simplifies and elevates your game to the next level. With billing, inventory management, customer engagement, purchase & sales management and more, Glider offers retailers a comprehensive and seamless suite of solutions.


Remote access to store for inventory management and central purchases


In-store customer engagement kiosk with customized media content


Generate automated reports and heatmaps based on audience


Remote management of in-store display boards based on audience

Customer app

Enable a smooth onboarding and post-purchase experience for your customers

Sales App

Track targets and sales and generate performance reports


View performance, sale and purchase metrics, KPIs and leaderboards


In-store customer engagement kiosk with customized media content


Our in-house analytics and customer engagement platform

Innovation opportunities in retail

We have helped leading retailers scale and harness the power of innovation, emerging technologies and analytics through our successful digital solutions and enabled them to deliver a dynamic and unified commerce approach to sales, mobility and productivity.

To win in the current competitive landscape, retailers must incorporate innovation into the very core of their organization- be it in the form of new technology, process improvements or entirely new business models.

IoT and sensors

  • Automated checkout: Sensors can be used to create a checkout system that can tally the items up and automatically deduce cost from customers’ mobile payment app
  • Personalized discounts: Set up sensors around the store that send loyalty discounts to certain customers when they stand near specific products with their smartphones
  • Beacons for sending alerts: Use beacons to send alerts to passersby and sending them personalized push notifications
  • Improve retail layout: Use aisle-analytics software and infrared sensors to improve your retail layout.
  • Track product environment: Check in real-time if a product is kept at temperatures that are too low or too high, avoiding a substantial loss


  • Counterfeit tracking: Assign a unique scannable code or label to each product and allow your customers to access the entire history of that product from the country of origin to the final reseller
  • Food tracking: Customers want to track the source of their food and if it has been grown organically, they can do that with blockchain solution
  • Centralize database: Maintain a central database that is more resilient and less tamper-proof
  • Customer data management and privacy: With a blockchain data-sharing system in place, your customers could let you know about their needs and preferences, sending you shopping lists in the form of smart contracts


  • Recommendation engines: Bring consumers’ attention to items they are unlikely to discover on their own
  • Inventory management and demand planning: Machine learning can enable retailers to make more informed decisions when ordering stock
  • Root cause analysis: Machine learning algorithms can give a more informed analysis of exactly what went wrong when dealing with anomalies such as incomplete data or lapses in communication, and pinpoint exactly where each of these failures happened along the supply chain.
  • Route planning: Using machine learning in route planning and reduce the last mile problem in retail

Virtual & Augmented reality

  • Indoor navigation- AR can help navigate customers through the aisles a particular shelf
  • Display advertising: You can reuse the physical space to display personalized ads in your existing outlets
  • Customer analysis: With AR glasses, you can track user engagement metrics and their focus times. You can track your customer’s paths and the way they navigate around the store.
  • Employee training: Conduct virtual training that require real-life environments, where employees can be trained safely, while responding to various scenarios, like operating a conveyor belt, driving forklift trucks or helping customers to find a particular product.


Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Our team of analysts and tech experts identify scope areas and opportunities for digital innovation based on your digital quotient and latest advancements in healthcare industry in consultation with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. It involves a quick study of your organization- understanding key business processes, products, current business models, key customer segments, digital penetration in the industry.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Team of digital analysts and tech experts
  • Participants from client: Offline participation on calls/web-ex meetings of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Expected participation: 3-4 hours over a period of one week
  • Duration: One week
  • Expected outcome: 5-6 slides that highlight possible areas for innovation or identifies pain-points in the customer journey etc.

We conduct a workshop for participants from your company on digital business models, most practiced innovation frameworks, and methodologies to develop successful prototypes. The participants ideate, brainstorm on business challenges, pain points, and come up with few priority innovation projects related to the scope defined in the assessment phase.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Our digital evangelists and consultants
  • Participants from client: Innovation team and executive sponsors
  • Duration: Two days
  • Expected outcome: A clear project plan with critical activities, milestones along the timeline- next thirty days, quarter, and six months.

This is an ongoing phase where we will keep delivering prototypes and proof of concepts continuously. The key areas of innovation focus in this phase include customer experience and new product prototypes. As a part of innovation as a service, we bring innovation capabilities spanning a range of digital technologies such as - IoT, Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile, Machine learning, VR, and so on.

  • Area of focus: Customer experience and new product prototypes.
  • Expected outcome: prototypes every 6-8 weeks based on the demands of the client.

Our experience suggests that when it comes to innovation, the key to success is to learn the feasibility of a new product or idea, at rapid speed using minimum resources. We test our critical assumptions by making data-driven changes, conducting A/B tests and measuring customer behavior to validate the learning.


We leveraged technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, wearable, augmented reality and IoT to build connected stores that integrate operations, products and customers. Our connected offerings have integrated digital signages, kiosks, POS, mobile apps, sensors and other hardware with back-end systems to deliver a personalized, seamless and satisfying in-store experience. We also have our in-house developed ‘Glider’ platform that enables frictionless in-store experience.



We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. Our team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

Our results-driven engineering approach helped popular toy manufacturer, Mattel, build their digital strategy, transforming their engagement with the new-age, mobile loving audience. Today, when retailers are struggling to build engagement between the digital world and physical stores, we ensured that Mattel has a global strategy and solution in place that connects both the worlds, leveraging its existing distributor network and rich product line.

With our experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner in developing top-notch digital retail solutions.

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