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We help our clients migrate applications, systems, and storage to a cloud environment for seamless integration across channels, personalization at scale, improved productivity, lowered capital and operating costs.


Transform your customer experience by combining the synergy of AI and Cloud

Cloud technologies enable you to deliver customer experiences through connected data sources. Accessibility to- and ease of retrieving data without location-based limitations empower enterprises to deliver better customer experience with a more efficient workforce. Here are some of the many ways you can leverage cloud services to deliver cutting edge CX.

Choose from diverse cloud solutions

From Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) product, where an application is hosted on a third party’s premises that is responsible for managing it, to Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) where your applications are still hosted by the third party, but they are also responsible for managing it, or a hybrid cloud where you get a mix of maintaining some brand data and applications internally while maintaining other applications externally, you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Make CX solutions affordable

Cloud technology allows brands to invest in CX solutions by making them affordable. With cloud, enterprises can predict the cost of an application and don’t need to incur too much upfront cost to incorporate any technology. Additionally, the savings in infrastructure and IT support also help make customer experience solutions more affordable. If you consider a traditional deployment, enterprises often focus on IT to maintain and manage their applications. However, with a cloud infrastructure, you can minimize reliability on IT and focus more on strategic objectives.

Scale according to changing customer needs

Based on customer requirements, you can scale-up or down. This flexibility in scaling forms a critical aspect in business because as brands scale up or down enables optimal utilization of resources and saves on infrastructure cost, in addition to handling performance at peak loads. This makes cost more predictable as compared to having an unutilized upfront cost to businesses. This way, cloud empowers you to reduce costs without compromising with CX.

Attain better speed to market

You could achieve better speed to market with cloud technology in the current business environment. A fine example of the cloud advantage is how traditionally dependency on brick-and-mortar locations for sales was transformed into a strong eCommerce presence when businesses recognized the changing landscape in consumer tastes and shopping behavior.

Seamless omnichannel integration

51% of businesses use at least 8 different channels for customer engagement. Utilizing and integrating multiple communication channels help businesses to achieve significant performance improvements when it comes to managing digital interactions. Organizations are relying on cloud to manage these interactions and integrating every customer touchpoint and the collected data into a central repository. This enables them to not just create a seamless customer journey but also offer personalized experiences.

We can manage cloud services for you.

Storing vast amounts of data, uncertainty in hosting it, concerns for security and reliability, vulnerability to disasters, high long-term costs, lack of flexibility, or limited technical support- enterprises today need to overcome innumerable challenges in order to maximize performance and mitigate risks. To thrive in this transitioning landscape you need a comprehensive suite of services- from strategy and architecture to implementation and support which will enable you to achieve scalability, personalization and reduced costs without compromising security and compliance.

We can help you achieve flexibility in provisioning, duplicating and scaling resources to balance the requirements of users, hosted applications and solutions. Our cloud services include:

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management services help you achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise. We help you identify areas of risk and opportunities to maximize performance and alleviate risk. Our cloud management service offers:

  • Risk reports and remediation plans
  • Forecast and trends reporting
  • Regular operational metrics & expenditure optimization
  • Service delivery & operations
  • Real-time cloud monitoring
  • Improvement plans & DevOps
  • Automation and disaster recovery test reports

Cloud Migration

We offer secure, speedy and seamless migration of your applications and dependent systems from hosting servers to cloud. We test readiness, redesign and optimize, if required, your applications and dependent systems before migration to cloud environment. Our robust migration protocol ensures security and control of your critical application and other assets. Based on your requirement, you could use any of the following services under cloud migration:

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Data Migration

Choosing the Right Cloud Service Models: Things You Should Know

As you begin to consider adopting cloud, whether it be for application or infrastructure deployment, it is important to understand the different cloud delivery models and choose the one that best fits your needs



Adapting cloud with our cloud managed services will help you achieve:

  • Reliability: Data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network to enable data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • High Performance: Reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale
  • Productivity: Focus on achieving business goals as tasks like hardware setup, software patching etc are done by cloud computing
  • Scalability: Get the right amount of IT resources like computing power, storage, bandwidth based on scaling requirements from anywhere in the world
  • Cost efficiency: Eliminate the capital expense of buying hardware and software and physical set up for managing the infrastructure
  • Global deployment: Deploy your application in multiple regions around the world and provide lower latency and a better experience for your customers
  • Anywhere accessibility: Remove location limitations and boost productivity by making critical data available anywhere, anytime
  • Personalized CX: Analyze customer behavior through data stored in the cloud and frame segments based on the interactions they have with your brand
  • Team collaboration: Allow multiple team members to access the same information at the same time across various locations and enable them to make updates in real-time.


We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. We are also among the first generation of digital natives and have witnessed some of the key disruptions that have impacted the world over the past decade. Our team has delivered over 850 solutions across a range of verticals and received 20+ international awards in UX design.

With a proven and continuously evolving expertise in this area, we could be the perfect partners to help you transition from traditional to cloud seamlessly.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party