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We have enabled clients to kick-start their IoT journey by helping them to understand how they might leverage IoT to serve their customers better. Our well-mapped connected product development strategy and its successful implementation, enabled them to tap into their data streams, connect to cloud, integrate it with their back-end systems and build a unified machine-to-machine communication system.


Connected Product Strategy

Not all connected products are ‘smart’

A connected product can’t be called smart only because it is connected to the network and can exchange information if there’s nothing particularly intelligent about it. In the pursuit to create smart products, companies often end up implementing unnecessary functionalities in the name of being innovative and end up compromising on the real problem that needs to be customer-centric.

What we can learn from failed connected products

In an attempt to make their products smarter, companies often deviate from the customer needs and fail. Find out why.

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Formulate an effective connected product development strategy

Winning the IoT landscape isn’t about having the right technology alone. In order to achieve success in connected products, you need to add value to your customers’ lives and to achieve that, you need insight into real customer pain points. We provide you the required perspective and guidance through our connected product strategy consulting.


Before embarking on IoT journey, we assess your product by asking fundamental questions, conduct user and market research, and clearly define project purpose and objectives.


We turn your idea into a digital solution by beginning with a prototype and considering all aspects- people, platforms, and processes.

Design and Integration

Our design and integration approach beings with prioritizing features for MVP and completes at a product that is in alignment with your digital strategy and possesses the capability to evolve with the market.


Our agile methodology for solving problems provides you with a roadmap that is aligned with your business objectives and strategies and helps you to develop lightweight prototypes rapidly, as well as share and test experiences.

Implementation & Execution

Leverage core business assets to deliver a seamless experience to your customer base across multiple platforms and channels and reduce risks with continuous A/B testing.

Launch Support

After launch, we monitor performance and analyze customer feedback data to continuously fix issues, improve product, and roll out updates.

IoT solutions

IoT projects have a 75% failure rate, with 30% failing in the proof of concept stage

Implementing an IoT solution sounds simple, however, most enterprises fail at it. As enterprises dive headfirst into implementing an IoT solution, they are faced with challenges such as limited internal expertise, inability to make sense of the data collected, integration across teams, budget overruns, and so on. What they need is an end to end solution provider that can help them map a journey right from determining market fit to development and support.

We empower you to be in the 25% that succeeds

Our leadership in digital innovation and expertise in mobile, wearable, big data, and other related technologies enabled us to build robust expertise over Internet of Things. We carefully assess your needs and take you through three comprehensive phases that ensure that nothing is overlooked.


We define the right IoT landscape and enable you to kick start your IoT journey. We thoroughly understand your business needs, identify pain points & define prospective solutions, accelerating your time to market.


Our solution frameworks and methodologies allow rapid development and deployment of the final product. We not only enable your devices to sense and communicate information bus also link it to relevant analytics data platforms to generate business insights.


We ensure smooth running of IoT solutions via IoT platform support services. We deliver measure & monitor your IoT setup, generate insights through analytics, and assure a high up-time.

9 steps to choosing the right partner for your IoT project

From determining a market fit to development and maintenance, an end to end service provider with considerable experience in the field of IoT is what you should be looking for. Check out our guide on nine points to consider while evaluating your options for an IoT partner.

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Our cohesive connected product strategy consulting and its successful implementation could be a game-changer for your business. You could achieve:

  • Better customer engagement: Know your customers better and provide personalized solutions.
  • Access to new revenue stream: Build a new, recurring digital revenue stream.
  • Better access to data: improved tracking mechanisms that provide increased access to data through sensors.
  • Efficient asset management: real-time data to improve efficiency, promote automation and reduce maintenance costs.
  • High productivity: automation, minimized downtime, inventory management, etc collectively leading to increased output.
  • Improved decision making: insights from real-time data enable better decision making.
  • Better cost benefits: boost productivity and efficiency through better asset management and resource utilization.
  • Add value to your customers’ lives: Build a solution that actually solves a problem.


We are also among the first generation of digital natives and have witnessed some of the key disruptions that have impacted the world over the past decade. Our dedicated team has delivered over 75 IoT solutions over and 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

From calorie management system for 24-hour fitness, to synthesizing hardware devices into digital platform for Ryobi, we have delivered world-class IoT solutions for our clients. We leverage core AWS services like AWS IoT, Lambda, Gateway, RDS, EC2 on our projects, delivering highly flexible and scalable solutions for our clients. Our widely accredited experience in delivering IoT solutions and drawing value from the global web makes us the perfect partner for IoT venture.

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