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Growth Landscape

Digital transformation in BFSI market is expected to cross $121.70 Billion by 2025!

Increasing adoption of cloud-based services, movement towards a cashless economy, changing consumer preferences and ongoing development of new business models, banks and financial institutions are challenged to innovate and transform digitally. Customers expect them to deliver an intuitive, seamless and digitally engaging experience, making it imperative for stakeholders in the BFSI industry to embrace digital and stay ahead of competition!

Value Delivered

From creating a trading platform for a stock company that delivers a PC like experience to customer engagement app for an insurance company, we partnered with companies from banking, financial services and insurance industry and helped them leverage digital technologies to improve processes efficiencies, reduce costs, discover new revenue opportunities and build immersive customer experiences.

Our Clients

Option Monster

Deliver personalized customer experience, create game-changing products and capitalize on new opportunities for innovation

We use new technologies to help banks and financial institutions win in the digital economy and get ready for what’s next.

Machine Learning

Use artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to create personas to effectively target new clients.


Develop chatbots or cognitive digital assistants for RMs, clients and other professionals to eliminate routine tasks

Advanced analytics

Deploy advanced analytics and visualization tools capable of prescribing and presenting complex, personalized solutions

Mobile apps

Allow RMs to access real-time information about their clients and recommend personalised solutions

AR and VR

Advisors can give an immersive experience to their clients by displaying data, news and other reports using AR and VR


Reduce costs and enhance operational efficiencies by bringing data and infrastructure on Cloud


Create smart contracts for KYC and legal documents like trusts etc.

Our digital solutions help you stay ahead in a competitive landscape

  • Improved security and fraud mitigation
  • FinTech collaboration leading to further adoption of digital technologies
  • New revenue streams and market differentiation
  • Reduced costs and optimised business processes
  • Streamline operations by replacing legacy processes
  • Achieve faster escalation and resolution for critical incidents
  • Create broader organizational transparency
  • Offer ease and convenience to your customers
  • Make information searchable, manageable and readily available
  • Gain insights from data analytics


Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Our team of analysts and tech experts identify scope areas and opportunities for digital innovation based on your digital quotient and latest advancements in healthcare industry in consultation with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. It involves a quick study of your organization- understanding key business processes, products, current business models, key customer segments, digital penetration in the industry.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Team of digital analysts and tech experts
  • Participants from client: Offline participation on calls/web-ex meetings of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Expected participation: 3-4 hours over a period of one week
  • Duration: One week
  • Expected outcome: 5-6 slides that highlight possible areas for innovation or identifies pain-points in the customer journey etc.

We conduct a workshop for participants from your company on digital business models, most practiced innovation frameworks, and methodologies to develop successful prototypes. The participants ideate, brainstorm on business challenges, pain points, and come up with few priority innovation projects related to the scope defined in the assessment phase.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Our digital evangelists and consultants
  • Participants from client: Innovation team and executive sponsors
  • Duration: Two days
  • Expected outcome: A clear project plan with critical activities, milestones along the timeline- next thirty days, quarter, and six months.

This is an ongoing phase where we will keep delivering prototypes and proof of concepts continuously. The key areas of innovation focus in this phase include customer experience and new product prototypes. As a part of innovation as a service, we bring innovation capabilities spanning a range of digital technologies such as - IoT, Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile, Machine learning, VR, and so on.

  • Area of focus: Customer experience and new product prototypes.
  • Expected outcome: prototypes every 6-8 weeks based on the demands of the client.

Our experience suggests that when it comes to innovation, the key to success is to learn the feasibility of a new product or idea, at rapid speed using minimum resources. We test our critical assumptions by making data-driven changes, conducting A/B tests and measuring customer behavior to validate the learning.

Award Winning HTML5 Trading Platform

When leading stock trading company tradeMONSTER wanted to go mobile, they partnered with [x]cube LABS for strategy and development consulting. The company wanted a best-in-class trading platform that delivers a PC like experience - run up to four applications and facilitate streaming quotes and complex options spread analytics. Moreover, they also wanted a sustainable solution that will save them from upgrading or building an app with entry of every new platform/app store in the market and will be quick to update and distribute. We delivered an AWARD WINNING trading platform leveraging the hybrid HTML5-native model completely redefining the retail trading platform.


Taking Member Engagement To Next Level

Customer engagement has emerged as a key buying decision in insurance. Insurers who engage better with their members earn their trust and further business. United HealthCare Services chose [x]cube as their technology partner to build 'ScriptHUB' - a mobile-based member engagement solution that provides plan-specific prescription drug prices to members in addition to other necessary pharmacy information for informed decision-making. Real-time pharmacy information not only builds engagement with members but also helps them manage pharmacy costs which, in turn, helps United HealthCare in bringing down its claims payouts.


Smart Mobile Card Reader

When smartphones were still in their infancy in the credit card industry, North American Bancard partnered with [x]cube to build a first-of-its-kind mobile card reader. We enabled the integration of Bancards proprietary card reader with smartphones helping our client's vast network of merchants to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments anytime, anywhere. Our strategy and development consulting not only helped North American Bancard bring down the CAPEX on card processing machines but also to innovatively explore new revenue opportunities.

North America bancard


We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. Our team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

With our experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner in developing top-notch digital solutions.

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