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Is your customer experience broken?

If your customers find a disconnect in transitioning from offline to online buying, if getting help takes too long or if your customer service operations lack personalized human attention, then your customer experience is broken. To overcome this challenge and to engage their customers effectively, organizations are leveraging virtual assistants of varied capabilities that best suit their business.

Our virtual assistant offerings

Chatbots adoption is witnessing a 5x year-over-year growth. By 2020, chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions. However, in the race to adopt chatbots enterprises often end up with loosely-defined chatbots that confuses their customers and yields no results.

What you need is a comprehensive analysis of your requirements before setting out to develop a chatbot and a unique factor that defines its personality.

FAQ Automation and Goal-defined Chatbots

FAQ automated chatbots that answer one-way Q&A with accuracy or goal-defined “if-then” tree structures that automate answers to routine questions, attend to your customer queries while being offline

Dynamic data Input Chatbots

Solve basic queries through Machine learnng-enabled chatbots that accept dynamic input from users and can be integrated with your CRM solutions to achieve the desired customer satisfaction.

AI-enabled Intelligent Chatbots

Deliver human-like experience with advanced AI-enabled chatbots that understand context. Ingrained with deep domain expertise, these chatbots enable you to achieve truly intelligent assistance.

Voice Assistants

Leverage NLP to create voice-enabled chatbots and save your time and money by eliminating simple and repetitive actions that interrupt you from work that requires more attention.

Upgrade your customer experience with AI assistance

We offer a next-gen customer service that increases efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs at the same time. Our chatbot development process is defined over four phases:


  • Planning a long term view of customer engagement & touchpoints.
  • Messaging strategy to make proactive purchasing recommendations.
  • Integrating chatbot seamlessly into the customer journey.
  • Analytics and optimization of received files like images, documents or links.


  • Design chatbots according to content hierarchy & interface preferences.
  • Customize the AI/ML content for any project or vertical market.
  • Build natural language interfaces for connected things.
  • Personalize chatbot speech mannerisms with content input obtained from the real-world.


  • Use NLP integration & programming to generate summarized response based chatbot.
  • Employ custom feature creation service to build a customized virtual agent.
  • Use machine learning algorithms to take textual input and map it to a particular intent.
  • Employ chatbot expertise to convert input into a query for a search engine.


  • Integrate smart chatbots with leading solutions.
  • Build bots for CRM/support & social media integration.
  • Integrate machine learning chatbots that evolve based on user queries.
  • Integrate avatar or speech capabilities with AI platforming services.


Amidst a sea of chatbots, what differentiates your implementation is the personality you impart to your chatbot and of course, how intelligent it is in responding to unexpected queries. We have listed 8 guidelines that will help you design an effective chatbot

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  • Improved customer service: With chatbots, you could provide around the clock support to your customers. Build reliability and trust by providing 24x7 support.
  • Increased customer engagement: Get real insight into what your costumers prefer, and provide better offers and answers to your users.
  • Consumer data and insights: Record data to identify trends and monitor interactions to subsequently improve processes and responses.
  • Lead generation and nurturing: Generate leads even when you’re offline and nurture them by guiding them through relevant information.
  • Work automation: Ease interaction for your customers and save time for your employees by automating answers to routine questions.
  • Cost savings: Reduce operational costs by freeing up service agents for more complex problems.
  • Reduced bounce rate: Connect with visitors that are close to making a purchase or are about to bounce off with intelligent prompts


We are among the first generation of digital natives and have witnessed some of the key disruptions that have impacted the world over the past decade. Our dedicated team has delivered over 850 solutions across a range of verticals and received 20+ international awards in UX design.

When a leading IT services management company approached us with a vision to transform the way they handle service requests, we leveraged our expertise in AI and ML to develop a ticket management bot that was able to create tickets, follow-up, interact with users and generate ticket from any messaging platform. The bot not only achieved confidence scores when given unexpected passages as inputs but also worked on activated voice commands.

With our deep experience in the latest digital technologies like chatbots, mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner for everything digital!

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