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Our CX assessment has helped our clients to obtain a comprehensive overview of their CX maturity and utilize the insights to keep their customers hooked and happy.


CX in digital age- why it matters?

As the world goes digital, and digital technology disrupts the way we live and work, it presents new challenges and a new wave of growth opportunities for enterprises. However, to be a leader in the digital economy, a business needs to do more than embracing digital technologies. You need to offer the right customer experience.

In the age of asymmetric competition and cross-industry competition or the blurring of boundaries between industries, CX can be the critical factor that becomes the USP of a business.

In the digital age, the definition and scope of CX has transformed drastically. CX today is no longer about having an air-conditioned retail store or well-lit ambiance. CX is now all about adaptability, consistency, integration across channels, experimenting, and offering innovation and personalization.

Value offering and other factors being equal, it is CX that can help you gain a competitive advantage. By 2020, 81% of companies expect to compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX, which will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator when making consumer choices.

Are you able to deliver the CX your customers deserve?

80% of CEOs feel that their firm is delivering a superior customer experience but only 8% of their customers agree. We help you assess your CX maturity by evaluating you across critical parameters.

  • Do you monitor customer feedback across all channels?
  • What is the rate of customer acquisition? Did it improve over time?
  • What is the bounce rate? How many customers uninstalled your product after first use?
  • Does your analytics indicate possible friction points?
  • Did you prioritize tasks based on the primary reasons why customers use your product?
  • Do you gradual evolutionary changes in your product to make it more relevant?

Augment value with customer experience

When you offer value, experience is a part of it and this experience is what differentiates you from others in the game. But offering the right kind of customer experience is often harder than it looks because it's not just about deploying each channel individually one at a time but there’s a lot more complexity to it.

As technology briskly evolves, devices connect with each other, experiences go interactive and seamless and consumer expectations change ‐ enterprises need to have a CX strategy in place to provide their customers an experience that is optimized and personalized, without compromising their privacy. By leveraging a plethora of digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables and Internet of Things, you could be a leader in delivering world-class CX. We can help you by providing:

Consistent CX Strategy

By helping you identify gaps, and ensuring that clear guidelines are in place for the channels, we enable you to keep your channels in sync and offer a consistent experience to your customers.

Unique approach for each channel

By providing you clarity on what you expect your customers to achieve from a particular channel and the specific problem you are solving, we help you to formulate the right strategy and solution for each channel.

Seamless Integration across all channels

We empower you with the correct level of intuitive customization with transition points well designed-between and within channels. Additionally, we provide you with a seamless social media or platform transitioning from phone to laptop or to a chatbot.

Our way to achieving superior CX

Research & Assessment

We assess your current CX maturity by evaluating critical parameters that form the basis. These include different channels, analytics reports, your current IT infrastructure and more. We also connect with key stakeholders in your company including customers to help us define your Cx maturity, identify and prioritize focus areas and give critical insights that help scale up your customer experience.

CX workshop

After gathering sufficient insights on your current CX health, we conduct an educational workshop for your organization to help you understand more about CX, it’s relevance to your business and how to get started with it. We talk about our expertise in the area and our track record that showcase how our clients benefited from CX improvement.


Our team follows a solution-based approach of design thinking which involves ongoing experimentation, sketching, prototyping, testing, evaluating best concepts and ideas to and come up with a value proposition that is best suited for your needs. We follow jobs to be done framework in creating the solution to prioritize tasks for best user experience.

Strategy workshop

Having understood your current CX and framed potential solution based on your requirements, we conduct a strategy workshop to discuss the way ahead. The outcome is a comprehensive roadmap highlighting specific initiatives for staggered and prioritized rollouts.


We help you gain a competitive edge with

Improved customer retention

Retain existing customers to achieve better conversion rates, higher profits, and lower costs.

Increased revenue per customer

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. Enhance your CX for increased revenue!

Quick purchase decisions among customers

Determine what kind of offer will be the most appealing to each individual and increase relevancy, to keep your brand on your customers’ minds.

Lower cost of customer acquisition

With a strong retention base and improved brand perception, lower the cost of acquisition by reducing your marketing efforts.

Improved brand perception

Build consistent products and deliver excellent customer service for improved brand perception.


Great customer experience is at the centre of a digital transformation success story. What parameters should you be aware of? Find out.


Being one of the earliest proponents of enterprise mobility, we have adapted and evolved with the industry. Our dedicated team focused on new-age CX strategies has delivered over 850 solutions across a range of verticals. With a comprehensive understanding of effective CX in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, gaming, education, and more, we have delivered innovative solutions such as a mobile application that can monitor real-time air quality to a virtual reality-based training module. Our extensive experience of researching and implementing CX solutions ensures you have a reliable partner for everything CX!

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