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We help large businesses sustain their core business strengths, and follow best practices in managing product development with the latest DevOps and methodologies, right from ideation, delivery, sustenance and re-engineering.


Product engineering: Beyond just product development

Product engineering doesn’t confine itself to short term engagement but is a long term affair starting from conceptualization, delivering solution, and continues with re-engineering.

Given the current scenario where industries grapple with new technologies every day while trying to achieve quick time to market, flexibility, heterogeneous development, customer-oriented approach, and much more, organizations need to shift from traditional waterfall development models to more agile and lean methods of software development in order to cut down investment in time, efforts and operational expenses and to ensure transparent progress and increased customer-centricity.

Product engineering services is what you need

Creating digital products is hard. Scaling them up and seeing them through till success is even harder. You need to understand underlying technicalities, strategize, train resources, manage them, create effective road-maps, problem-solve, work with the right technology, choose the right channels and much more.

Spending your valuable time in all these doesn’t make sense when you could get it all done in almost half of the cost you incur in trying to do it yourself. Instead, you can focus on delivering features and leverage highly trained resources available worldwide to develop your solutions. You not only save cost and time, but achieve reliability and scalability by leveraging the expertise and competence of outsourced team.

Product engineering can take care of your entire product life cycle. Find out how.

Find out how we use our experience and expertise to develop innovative products with evolving technologies, optimized costs and shorter delivery cycles

We have been doing it consistently

Our engineering team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals and received 20+ international awards in UX design. From games that scaled to millions, to highly intelligent analytical tools for customer engagement, we have done it all.


One of our clients, a leading publisher of children’s magazines, books, and collectibles, benefited from our CE services and saw a 40% increase in average revenue per user and a 20% increase in paid users.


We built our in-house customer engagement platform, Upshot.ai, that offers next generation customer engagement capabilities for enterprises. Companies worldwide have leveraged it and experienced a dramatic increase in user engagement, retention and monetization.

We deliver end-to-end product engineering solutions

We develop high-quality products using well-defined guidelines and methodologies within budget and on time per evolving business requirements. Our product development and lifecycle framework works in five phases:

Concept to Development

  • Our comprehensive development process begins with understanding your product, customers, and business model
  • Our R&D experts conduct a thorough analysis of the market and design a conceptualized roadmap that is in perfect alignment with your business needs
  • After requirement gathering and checking the technical and practical feasibility of the project, our team develops your product using best practices such as DevOps and SCRUM methodology
  • We deliver timely prototypes and run iterative testing to make continuous improvements in the product


  • We Integrate the product with external libraries, databases and other programs to ensure that the systems and subsystems involved function together as expected
  • We configure the product for best performance across a range of devices
  • Based on your requirements, we provide migration services be it for moving products and data to cloud or from legacy to native systems.
  • Our continuous monitoring ensures that appropriate patches are applied to fix any bugs or backlogs.


  • Post release, we provide on-going maintenance and support by implementing necessary upgrades to existing product or rolling out updates.
  • We provide training to internal stakeholders to get them acquainted with the required know-how of their product and equip them for basic troubleshooting if required.


Product once developed is measured across 3 areas:

  • Product performance in terms of budget, dependability, functionality, efficiency, budget, safety & security
  • Portability and Reusability while shifting an application from one platform to another
  • How flexible and scalable the product is in an evolving environment


  • Based on the measured performance, workflows and processes that are sub-par or inefficient are changed
  • As a part of regular evolution process, we re-architect and re-engineer the development model

Your Innovation Partner


Our engineers deliver world-class solutions to real-life problems and deliver value through their innovation, research, collaboration, risk management and decision making skills


With a good eye for details, well-developed technical and creative skills, our engineers focus extensively on UX and deliver products with an appealing and customer-centric design


Our engineers have been through stringent assessments and are adept at technologies of the future. Their experience in product development guarantees you only the best


Before embarking on development, our engineers try to understand your problems, needs, the user persona,business goals and other relevant information. They use insights generated from analysis to come up with solutions that deliver value.

Technologies we specialise in

Big Data

Machine Learning

Augmented Reality

Cross Platform apps

Virtual Assistance

Enterprise Gaming

Leverage [x]cube LABS’ DevOps Team on Demand

Our DevOps teams on demand enable you to cut down release cycles, achieve great customer loyalty and drive revenue while reducing operational expenses by as much as 50% you’ll get

A top-notch engineering team

Every developer you'll get has been through stringent assessments and is skilled in a variety of technologies. Our teams are also well versed in agile execution models and microservices based architecture

Skilled SCRUM master

Scrum masters capable of managing multiple projects ensure your project stays on track and is executed with the highest level of quality. Engaging with our DevOps teams gets you a Scrum master free of cost!

Quick DevOps setup

We set the team up as soon as we decide to work together, so you can get going right away. Efficient communication protocols are followed so you can rest assured that we are listening and acting on every feedback without delay

Collaboration Drives our Success

We believe in sustained collaboration- both internally, and externally. Our team of engineers, designers and analysts work together closely to cover every aspect of product development, and ensure that each aspect fits into the final product perfectly. Simultaneously, our team collaborates with your key stakeholders across a span of time to gain insights into your business and through their continuous involvement, ensures that the solutions are in perfect alignment with your business goals.

Our approach towards product engineering makes us different

Product engineering isn’t just writing a piece of code and implementing it. We understand that development is a short term engagement while product engineering is a long-term affair with main focus on evolution. We provide an entire range of services that form product engineering and development forms only a part of it.

We engage with your stakeholders to clearly understand your requirements, conceptualize and ideate over it and leverage our capabilities to solve abstract problems in minimum time and within budget. Not just that, we think of innovation and upgradation as a part of evolution, instead of clearing backlogs or providing bug fixes as a part of product updates. As technology evolves, we emphasize on upgrades, re-engineering, re-arch and long term relationship.

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        We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


          We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


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