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Platform-specific native mobile apps offer high performance, better customer experience and have higher reliability. Our expert mobile app development team has developed over 700 native apps across all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. And for all popular devices like iPhone, iPad and various Android run devices. From ideation, engineering to user acquisition- we provide end-to-end services in building enterprise grade mobile solutions and consumer apps.

Android App Development

We know Android like no other. Our experienced team of app developers, designers and strategists know what it takes to succeed in the world’s most popular mobile platform. We have transformed hundreds of path-breaking ideas into world-class apps that re-defined mobility and transformed businesses.

Android app developers : [x]cube LABS

Building Smarter Mobile Apps with Context Aware SDK

Our secret recipe for smart mobile app development. Home grown context aware SDK that makes your mobile apps context sensitive, helping you understand and cater to user needs, well ahead. The in-house context aware SDK helps you to :

  • Reduce the app development burden and have a steeper learning curve.
  • Listen to mobile events, develop powerful use cases to get rich user behavior insights.
  • Get access to over 100 core mobile events, sensors & gesture methods for building the next generation of smart apps.
  • Quick time to market.


  • Delivered over $2 billion in value for our clients.
  • Award winning design team with human centric design philosophy.
  • Proven authority in customer acquisition and engagement.
  • Disruptive innovation and results driven engineering approach.
  • Over 100 APIs & frameworks facilitating quick go to market.


We help enterprises leverage mobility and adopt mobile-first approach by building or extending a mobile CoE that acts as the platform for mobile innovations and transformations. Our services include:

  • Assisting your team in defining organization-specific mobile strategy.
  • Identifying opportunities for mobile deployment.
  • Defining standards, protocols and policies.
  • Assistance in developing best practices.
  • Training and support for smooth running of your mobile programs.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM solutions from [x]cube offers endpoint management of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc., through a single platform. Our MDM services include:

  • Planning & assessing your device management and security requirements.
  • MDM implementation and support
  • MDM migration

Building a Mobile App that Saves Lives

Native Mobile App Development - [x]cube LABS

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An entire emergency network in the palm of your hand.The easy-to-adopt platform links your entire Emergency Response Team with a tap — eliminating unnecessary pages, calls, operators, faxes and emails. Breathtakingly simple, fast and information rich.


  • 22% reduction in door to balloon time
  • D2B time < 90 minutes from 78% to 95%
  • D2B time < 60 minutes from 56% to 80%


  • 30% reduction in average door to Thrombolytic time
  • 53% improvement in door to thrombolytic time
  • 58% increase in stroke activations
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