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Enable smart manufacturing through digital

We use our expertise in emerging technologies to streamline manufacturing and operations, resulting in increased efficiency and revenue. Our services help organisations build a connected enterprise that supports IoT, immersive, simulation-based experiential technologies, real-time supply chain, predictive platforms, information flow and process accelerators while enabling innovation and excellence.

Growth Landscape

This is a decade of sweeping changes across the manufacturing landscape with processes poised to get increasingly digitised. Organisations are busy strategizing to drive greater volumes with the aid of technology and deliver superior customer experience leading to increased brand loyalty. To that end, business leaders are on the lookout for robust digital solutions which will put an end to high costs, complexity and ambiguity which continues to plague them.

The Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing market is expected to grow from USD 1.0 billion in 2018 to USD 17.2 billion by 2025

By 2023, 30% of manufacturing companies with more than $5B in revenue will have implemented Industry 4.0 pilot projects using blockchain, up from less than 5% today

While 10% of today’s manufacturing functions are automated, this number will rise to 25% by 2025 as robotic vision sensors and gripping systems improve.

Predictive analytics maintenance typically reduces machine downtime by 30 to 50% percent and increases machine life by 20 to 40%.

Innovation opportunities in manufacturing

As emerging technologies make their presence felt in every stage of manufacturing, making organisations take a fresh look and revamp them, the scope of innovation has never been greater!

Preventive maintenance through connected products

Tracking down your machines can become easier. Notifications for faulty equipment can be sent automatically, and predictive maintenance can be performed, thereby avoiding downtimes.

Low cost, effective and safer trainings for workers through VR

Technology has brought about new ways of training employees with the help of virtual and augmented reality. New additions to the work process, or health and safety training can easily be provided through VR/AR systems with the help of insightful demos.

Employee safety and faster communication using wearable devices

A Smart gear may become an asset in factories where employees need to take quick actions in case of any mishap. Communication among workers can be made faster and easier with sensor installed gears.

Optimize production processes using big data analytics

Embedded sensors in factory’s machines can collect data about the machines’ performance. Data analytics tools can process the data in real-time and alert workers if there are any bottlenecks in the production

Improved accuracy through augmented reality

By using AR glasses technology, workers can receive instant feedback on whether they are accurately tightening and sealing nuts. This can result in significant time savings, with improved quality control

Data synchronization using Cloud

Cloud allows the synchronization of data from multiple sources into a single dashboard. With industries moving towards automation in monitoring and control of plant processes, it is critical to ensure that data is same at all points.

The time to leverage digital is now!

Manufacturers are using technologies such as advanced analytics, automation, AR and more in the mix, to gain maximum advantage. The overall aim of manufacturing in the current scenario is to increase productivity, lower costs and reduce errors, and digital manufacturing is making it possible.


Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Our team of analysts and tech experts identify scope areas and opportunities for digital innovation based on your digital quotient and latest advancements in healthcare industry in consultation with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. It involves a quick study of your organization- understanding key business processes, products, current business models, key customer segments, digital penetration in the industry.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Team of digital analysts and tech experts
  • Participants from client: Offline participation on calls/web-ex meetings of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Expected participation: 3-4 hours over a period of one week
  • Duration: One week
  • Expected outcome: 5-6 slides that highlight possible areas for innovation or identifies pain-points in the customer journey etc.

We conduct a workshop for participants from your company on digital business models, most practiced innovation frameworks, and methodologies to develop successful prototypes. The participants ideate, brainstorm on business challenges, pain points, and come up with few priority innovation projects related to the scope defined in the assessment phase.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Our digital evangelists and consultants
  • Participants from client: Innovation team and executive sponsors
  • Duration: Two days
  • Expected outcome: A clear project plan with critical activities, milestones along the timeline- next thirty days, quarter, and six months.

This is an ongoing phase where we will keep delivering prototypes and proof of concepts continuously. The key areas of innovation focus in this phase include customer experience and new product prototypes. As a part of innovation as a service, we bring innovation capabilities spanning a range of digital technologies such as - IoT, Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile, Machine learning, VR, and so on.

  • Area of focus: Customer experience and new product prototypes.
  • Expected outcome: prototypes every 6-8 weeks based on the demands of the client.

Our experience suggests that when it comes to innovation, the key to success is to learn the feasibility of a new product or idea, at rapid speed using minimum resources. We test our critical assumptions by making data-driven changes, conducting A/B tests and measuring customer behavior to validate the learning.


Our digital solutions in manufacturing, like supply chain management, predictive maintenance, workforce management solutions, health & safety suite and shop floor solutions and much more, encompasses people, processes and products, and helps you eliminate non-value activities, minimizes process cycle, accelerates response time and speeds up the decision-making processes.


We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. Our team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

Our results-driven engineering approach helped in re-creation of a complete range of home improvement tools like Stud Finders and Laser Level meters that helped TTI not only cater to the new-age mobile armed customers but also to bring down the cost of its home repair kit to the end customer by over 80%.

With our experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner in developing top-notch digital manufacturing solutions.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party