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Our Work in Blockchain

JJ Keller

Crafted a blockchain-based solution for JJ Keller to help form the basis of authorized sources of information and eliminate forgery: This blockchain-based solution manages and validates Drivers’ qualifications from an authorized source of information. We designed a private network to upload qualification details using a web app and get approvals from concerned users and an admin dashboard to manage the network chain and driver’s information. The value proposition delivered in this project was high as it resulted in all drivers’ records being in one place and granted only authorized access, tamper-proof data and approvals, and a proper ledger maintained on the blockchain. Cost reduction was an added benefit.

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Helping Panini with blockchain crypto-collectibles that allowed trade up to even 16 cards at a time with other players from around the world: We completely revamped their previous obsolete application and provided them a new mobile app that supported high-level functionalities, features, games and came with highly reliable security. The new application fetched them a 40% increase in average revenue per user and a 20% increase in paid users. To provide the highest degree of legitimacy and proof of ownership, Panini cards will be traded on a blockchain-based platform. All the collectibles will be authorized by Panini and maintain exchange records to improve collectible value.

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Why Partner with [x]cube LABS for Blockchain Services?

We are among the first generation of digital natives and have witnessed some of the key disruptions that have impacted the world over the past decade. Our dedicated team has delivered over 850 solutions across a range of verticals and received 20+ international awards in UX design.

Our blockchain developers and designers are skilled in building blockchain applications on the most widely used platforms such as ethereum, stellar, and fabric. We also have our custom framework of utilities and tools, HASHbridge, that makes it easier to build applications based on HyperLedger Fabric. Our expertise in everything digital coupled with high-speed digital innovation makes us the perfect partner for your customized blockchain solutions and app development.

From development of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrency to auditing the processes before they go live on the unaltered system and helping startups raise an ICO, our team of Blockchain developers & designers will help you build the tools and languages that develop a decentralized ecosystem for your brand.

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Owing to its innumerable advantages it provides such as transparency, security, authenticity, trust, loyalty, reduction of costs and competitive advantage, [x]cube has leveraged on this technology and developed solutions that incorporate these features and helped transformed and grow businesses multifold.

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[x]cube’s Approach to Blockchain

Our extensive approach covers:

Consulting and assessment

We provide a range of consulting and technology services including business case assessment, operating model design, advisory services on systems architecture, and full-scale systems integration.

ICO development and launch

We have a team of multi-disciplined domain experts who guide you step by step from designing your token to planning & executing the ICO campaign. We believe in delivering robust ICOs that are compatible with a variety of applications & offer a full spectrum of guidance from tactical technical execution to high-level theoretical modeling.

Smart contracts development and audit

Being highly secure and simple to use, blockchain is the ideal solution for contract audits. We serve every aspect of a company’s ICO process like token creation, smart contract development and deployment, marketing, and PR to deliver a holistic and positive customer experience throughout the product development cycle.

Cryptocurrency and wallet development

We develop loyal & trustworthy wallets that enable you to transact values over the communication channels. We develop custom cryptocurrencies based on optimized, scalable, & highly secured blockchain for enabling easy & secured transactions.

Private blockchain

We build private blockchains that are highly secure and indispensable for tasks like supply chain management, financial transactions, and facilitating data exchanges. We customize the blockchain parameters and create identity databases on your blocks for dynamic control of all transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

We assist you in managing tasks like AML/KYC integration, custom risk management, regulatory compliance, CRM & payment integration, back-end accounting integration, etc. We offer a highly configurable platform that can connect huge external exchanges using APIs & distributed shared order books.

[x]cube’s Implementation Process

Requirement gathering

To begin with, we have collaborative workshops with our clients to get a clear understanding of what their requirements are, how we can help them and how the solutions would be implemented. All requirement elicitation and documentation will be covered under this phase.

Validation and refinement

Post the requirements, comes the planning and designing phase where the 3-dimensional model of the project implementation is made in collaboration with the clients.

Agile delivery

This phase involves the coding and development of blockchain-based solutions. It usually involves 2-weeks sprints to carry out the process smoothly and efficiently.

Launch and iterate

This final phase involves launching the application, observing the work, collecting feedback, and working on them by improving and iterating the design accordingly.

Unlock Significant Business Benefits with Blockchain Solutions

Many industry leaders have already witnessed significant business benefits, including greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. With our blockchain-based solutions, you get:

Expedited implementation: We carefully take you through every step of blockchain adoption, from ideation workshop, agile prototyping, and initial development to complete implementation of blockchain solutions. Our blockchain solutions and services help accelerate your goal to create a blockchain network.

Achieve secure collaboration across networks: We help you overcome the challenges of process and technology interoperability that come with a blockchain network while prioritizing important aspects of security & privacy of shared data across networks.

Trusted ecosystem: Leveraging the power of blockchain, we help you create a reliable network where data is more accessible, and transactions on the network are verifiable and traceable, empowering you with an ecosystem of trust with your suppliers, associates, and clients.

Benefits with Blockchain Solutions

How Blockchain is Impacting Various Industries

Innovators are exploring ways to leverage blockchain to transform traditional business models across global supply chains, financial services, healthcare, government, and many other sectors. Industry leaders are using the blockchain ecosystem as a fertile ground for innovation and experimentation and it is certain that the early movers in this breakthrough will be the ones gaining a competitive edge. Irrespective of what industry you belong to, it has become a prerequisite to integrate blockchain one way or another in your processes.

Let’s take a look at how it is benefitting some prominent industries!


Data integrity is the crucial advantage that blockchain provides and the retail industry capitalizes on. It also facilities smoother supply chain management which constitutes a major part of retail. Consumer trust gets stronger than ever as blockchain helps uphold the authenticity of the products. Consumer trust is directly proportional to consumer loyalty. Blockchain is also facilitating safer international payments, enhancing the payment process. The faster and smoother functioning of these processes gives ample time for more and more innovation to take place. The earlier the business realizes the potential of blockchain and capitalize on it, the earlier they gain a competitive edge in the market.


The healthcare-IoT market is growing at an ever-increasing rate and over a billion healthcare devices are estimated to be connected by IoT in the near future. Blockchain adoption in IoT makes confidential data more secure and reliable and can only be accessed by authorized personnel and the patient itself. Not only has the data security system enhanced, but so has the accuracy and speed. This efficiency in the transfer of data can generate further digital healthcare solutions in the future.

Finance and Banking

Financial and banking transactions require the most security, authenticity, transaction audits, and trust, and thus blockchain plays an evident role in this industry. It has and continues to transform the way the industry functions. Blockchain can help with avoiding duplication of information, thus avoiding delays, promoting faster and secure transactions.

It eliminates the need for third-party verification, making the processing a lot faster than before. It has a more efficient system of storing transactional information. It also helps make the loan and credit process more cheaper and efficient. Cross-border transactions are now easier than ever due to blockchain technology.


From data analytics with help of AI, drones, cloud for precision agriculture, etc. the agriculture industry has capitalized on all. Blockchain helps provide advantages such as:

  • Better supply chain management
  • Food safety across the value chain
  • Traceability, accountability, and quality checks at regular intervals
  • Helps farmers know the source and authenticity of the products they are buying by using a simple blockchain-enabled barcode that can be scanned through a smartphone
  • Updating information of crops right from planting to storage and distribution on blockchain
  • Fair pricing by allowing access to information to both parties

Industries that have Benefitted from our Blockchain Development Services


Our blockchain solutions have helped leading enterprises launch high-value crypto-collectibles that can be securely maintained and traded. With our expertise, we have enabled companies to scale their offerings and increase their value.

Banking and Finance

We have helped leading banks create peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms and manage valuable assets with blockchain


We designed blockchain-based technology for a global conglomerate of airspace systems to track components, and monitor and audit software lifecycles.


For the automotive industry, we designed and developed a blockchain-based private network that enabled key stakeholders to upload important details and get them approved for quick, secure, and seamless verification.

Transform Processes and Increase Efficiency with Blockchain Apps

What are blockchain apps?

Contrary to the traditional apps which relied upon a central database managed by the company which built them, blockchain technology has popularized a database that has no central authority and features a security mechanism that it can control on its own. It’s a distributed database which:

  • Is present on several computers at the same time
  • Uses advanced algorithms to verify new data before they get added to databases
  • Employs protection mechanisms to prevent data from getting edited, overwritten, or deleted
  • Is transparent about its state and updates

Any app (mobile or web) that is based on such a distributed database is a blockchain app. On the surface, it could look like any other app, but internally, owing to it being driven by the database detailed above, it’s classified as a blockchain app.


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Missi Freimark

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“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.


CEO of Titan International


Award Winning Digital Agency


Innovation Delivered for Global Enterprises


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Audit and Tracking
  • Authentication
  • Fairness and Transparency
  • Digital Asset Ownership
  • Anti-money laundering tracking system
  • NFTs
  • International payments
  • Trade Finance
  • Cybersecurity

Public blockchains are open ecosystems where everyone can participate. For example, Ethereum, Stellar, and so on.

Private blockchains require people who want to participate to gain permission to do so. For example, Hyperledger, firewalls, VPN, etc.

The transaction is broadcast to every party in the network. Those in the network will validate & approve the transaction. Once the transaction is approved it gets added to the ledger, along with other transactions. A public ledger of transactions grouped into “blocks”. The blocks are linked and secured using cryptography, that cannot be altered and is securely chained by cryptographic signatures.

The security vulnerabilities, scalability, heavy investments in servers to manage current centralized systems, and so on are challenges faced by the IoT deployment. Blockchain helps tackle these issues by adding security, transparency, building trust by providing tamper-proof solutions, supporting devices at a faster rate thus handling scalability, and finally reducing overheads in IoT networks, thereby reducing overall costs.

To know more about the adoption of blockchain into IoT, read https://www.xcubelabs.com/blog/blockchain-adoption-in-iot

A blockchain wallet is required to manage all cryptocurrencies. It facilitates the easy exchange of funds. Some common blockchain wallets are Bitcoin paper wallet, Electrum, Blockchain.info, Exodus, and so on.

NFT is a unique digital certificate attached to any digital asset, such as music, or video, confirming its ownership to the holder, which remains public and stored on computers across the internet. When this is combined with the cryptocurrency, backed by blockchain, the result is non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are now worth millions of dollars. Find out why and how they exactly work here. https://www.xcubelabs.com/blog/nfts-explained-beginners-guide-to-non-fungible-tokens

Blockchain revises the conventional systems of data security. It generates multiple chained blocks of information and each block maintains cryptographically approved data which is impossible for an individual to break.

We have various service offerings such as -

  • Static Testing & Structural Code Analysis
  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Vulnerability Automation
  • Security Testing
  • Customer Experience Testing
  • Controller Testing
  • Compliance Testing

Being committed to the long-term success of every solution we develop, live-ops is one of our core competencies. We continuously experiment more and more with the data at our disposal and try to find correlations & tipping points to progressively drive the users towards the growth path we have in mind for them.

We monitor KPIs extremely closely and analyse data to get all the right answers. We then identify triggers and resolutions to improve them, roll them out quickly and keep iterating till we hit the targeted numbers. Additionally, we keep updating the product with new features so they stay relevant and generate new digital lines of revenue.

No matter what the platform of your choice is, we can help you build the right products. We specialize in:

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Stellar
  • Quorum
  • Ripple
  • Corda
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