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AI is now the biggest investment for nearly 50% of top tech executives across the economy.

Innovate with security, sustainability, and responsibility with Large Language Models, Neural Networks, and more.

Genrative AI Services

Why consider Generative AI services? Well, it’s a MUST for business leaders now and not a “maybe.”

With generative AI, business advantages are already vast and growing by the day. A few key areas where your organization could benefit include:

Increasing the pace of software development

Quickly freeing up customer-support representatives for higher-value activities

Accelerating research and development

Building generative AI-powered tools to make content creation and internal processes faster

Companies that adopt generative AI tools are predicted to deliver 30% more productivity compared to companies that don't.

Generative AI Services from [x]cube LABS

Neural Search

Experience a revolution in search with our AI-powered neural search models! By deploying cutting-edge deep neural networks and transformers, we offer a search experience that understands and anticipates user queries, providing precise, context-aware results. With our services, say goodbye to irrelevant results and welcome a new era of efficient, intuitive searching. Join us in transforming the search landscape, making finding information as exciting as the discovery itself!

Fine Tuned Domain LLMs

This is a specialized service that takes language models and tailors them to your specific industry or domain. Whether it's content generation, like product descriptions, punchy marketing copy, or detailed technical documentation, our models deliver high-quality text crafted for your unique needs.

But we don't stop there! We also offer fine-tuned models for natural language processing tasks. From sentiment analysis to entity recognition or language understanding, everything is calibrated perfectly for your domain. Dive into the future of industry-specific AI with us and elevate your business with tools that truly understand and speak your language!

Creative Design

We offer generative AI services for creative design purposes. This involves generating unique logos, graphics, or visual designs based on specific inputs or design preferences.

Data Augmentation

Through the power of generative AI, we expand and enhance your data for training machine learning models. Imagine synthetic data samples that mirror your real data so closely you'll hardly tell the difference.

With our service, your models won't just perform better - they'll generalize better, understanding patterns beyond the specific instances in your training data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Our NLP services powered by generative AI can take care of tasks like sentiment analysis, language translation, text summarization, or question-answering systems.

Tutor Frameworks

Say hello to the future of learning with our state-of-the-art Tutor Frameworks! These powerful, plug-and-play solutions enable you to launch personalized courses that evolve with each learner. Our frameworks not only track progress but intelligently tailor educational content and recommendations to each individual's journey.

Whether you're scaling up organizational learning or driving development initiatives, our Tutor Frameworks are the secret ingredient to take your efforts to new heights.

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Our Work in Generative AI

[x]cube has been AI-native from the beginning, and we’ve been working through various versions of AI tech for over a decade. For example, we’ve been working with the developer interface of Bert and GPT even before the public release of ChatGPT.

One of our initiatives has led to the OCR scan rate improving significantly for a complex extraction project. We’ve also been using Gen AI for projects ranging from object recognition to prediction improvement, as well as chat-based interfaces.

Our Work in Generative AI

How are we different?

We get software products! Here’s why.

Founder-led engineering teams

Founder-led engineering teams

Our co-founders and tech architects are deeply involved in projects and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Deep technical leadership

Deep technical leadership

Our tech leaders have spent decades solving hard technical problems. Having them on your project is like instantly plugging into thousands of person-hours of real-life experience.

Stringent induction

Stringent induction and training

We are obsessed with crafting top-quality products. We hire only the best hands-on talent. We train them like Navy Seals to meet our own standards of software craftsmanship.

Next-gen processes

Next-gen processes and tools

Eye on the puck. We constantly research and stay up-to-speed with the best technology has to offer.

DevOps excellence

DevOps excellence

Our CI/CD tooling ensures strict quality checks to ensure the code in your project is top-notch.



Hear what our clients have to say


"[x]cube has transformed a traditional manufacturing company such as Spa Electrics into a software company. They have the skill and confidence to build the product you need"

Mathew Rust

Mathew Rust

Product Manager, Spa Electrics


"What we appreciate about [x]cube is how well they have collaborated with us and all their teams, UX/UI, Development and others have created the best possible experience for our customers"

Missi Freimark

Missi Freimark

Marketing head, Lansinoh


“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.



CEO of Titan International


Innovation Delivered for Global Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Generative AI

Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence that is capable of generating new, previously unseen content, data, or patterns based on the training data it has been provided. This can include text, images, music, and more.

Generative AI can be utilized in numerous ways:

  • Content creation: for articles, marketing materials, or even design.
  • Product design: generating potential designs or features.
  • Data augmentation: expanding datasets for better machine learning model training.
  • Personalization: tailoring content for individual users.
  • Simulation and modeling: producing varied scenarios for testing and analysis.

The question of copyright for AI-generated content is still an evolving area of law. In many jurisdictions, human authorship is required for copyright protection. It's advisable to consult with legal counsel on specific concerns.

Our generative AI models undergo rigorous training and fine-tuning with vast datasets. Post-generation, we also implement quality checks and have the option for human oversight to ensure that the output aligns with the desired quality and relevance.

We prioritize data privacy and security. Our models can be designed to operate without storing sensitive user data, and we follow industry best practices to safeguard all information.

While generative AI models are powerful, they may occasionally produce unexpected outputs. We have filters and monitoring processes in place to minimize such occurrences, and clients can always review and refine the AI's outputs.

Generative AI can be tailored based on specific prompts, guidelines, and parameters provided by the client. This allows for a wide range of customization to suit your business needs.

Our pricing model varies based on the scale, complexity, and specific requirements of the project. We recommend reaching out to our sales team for a detailed quote.

Yes, with proper training and calibration, the AI can generate content that aligns with a specific brand voice and identity. It's also beneficial to provide brand guidelines to further assist the model.

Our team of top-notch developers is skilled in generative AI models and is available for hire or for development in-house. We offer continuous, long-term QA support that focuses on delivering stable, bug-free builds that are well-designed and internally consistent.

[x]cube LABS will sign an NDA and take necessary measures to ensure your IP and concept will not be misused.

Unlock limitless possibilities with Generative AI. Your vision, our technology!


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