Everything about the evolving technologies and transformation landscape in Retail and CPG industries

Also included in this free guide is a roadmap to digital innovation with the best practices to be followed across each phase

Developed a completely new digital revenue stream. Revamped their existing application increasing ARPU by 40% and paid users by 20%

We helped Mattel merge their physical products with a digital engagement strategy to cater to their new-age, mobile loving audience

Enabled in-store customer tracking and personalized engagement through AI and machine learning algorithms while also providing self checkout options to customers

Results Generated Through Digital Innovation

Deliver superior customer experience by automating tedious and time consuming processes

Leverage The Digital Advantage And Stay Ahead

Increase engagement with customers post purchase and improve retention and repeat purchases

Where Retailers are Currently Allocating Technology Budgets

Personalize your customers’ journey through smarter product recommendations and offers based on past and recent purchases

Offer immersive experiences to drive decision making and induce customer delight

Collect data at various touch points and utilise cost effective solutions to store and process it to identify patterns and predict outcomes

Reach customers through newer channels and deliver value seamlessly

Percentage of retailers planning to spend on digital technologies in 2020

Technologies Driving Digital Transformation In Retail & CPG

Connected devices are transforming in-store processes in unimaginable ways from automating tasks to optimizing the supply chain and collecting information to personalizing experiences. 

Processing massive amounts of data and drawing valuable insights can be time taking unless backed by AI and ML algorithms. 

A cost effective way to store the massive amounts of data being generated by your digital initiatives. Easily scalable and accessible.

Immersive experiences are increasing customer engagement and accelerating decision making while reducing returns.

Internet of Things 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

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An in-depth view of groundbreaking technologies like IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR and Cloud Computing in the retail and CPG industry.

Technology Trends in Retail and Consumer Goods Landscape

Best Practices Across Development Phases

The right way to plan and execute every development phase, derived from our experience of delivering.

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