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We help businesses leverage digital to address key challenges, reinvent their business models and redefine customer engagement.

We work with companies in energy and utilities industry to strategize, plan and implement their digital initiatives. [x]cube helps Oil, Power and Gas firms to leverage mobile, wearables, big data, analytics and Internet of Things to improve their efficiency, boost productivity, help in better customer experience management and fuel revenue growth. Our end-to-end services are geared towards enabling businesses to push the edge of innovation and stay ahead of the curve.

We Have Tailored Specific Energy Solutions For You

We collaborate with energy companies to help them integrate digital technology with their business strategy. Our range of solutions are aimed at enhancing their technical capabilities, gain new efficiencies in exploration and distribution, and ensure smooth information flow across geographically dispersed sites. From solutions for infrastructure monitoring & maintenance to high-end reporting and collaboration tools - our strategy and solutions can keep businesses gain better control and visibility of your operations.

Our solutions help energy & utility companies improve their customer experience management, empower their employees with right tools to address customer issues and offer new-age customer self-service solutions to reduce costs. From delivering customer engagement apps that help connecting with the customer in personalized ways to reporting outage and bill payment apps - our wide range of solutions are fully capable of transforming your customer services.

Why Choose [x]cube?

We're digital natives
Being a post iPhone company, we know how to leverage digital as a strategy.

Award winning design
Human-centric design approach that has won us accolades in several global platforms.

Not just solutions but market success
Methodologies like Renaissance Enterprise Strategy, Reverse Innovation and Results-Driven Engineering delivering over $2 billion for our clients.

Leaders in digital innovation
Experience developing over 700 digital products and solutions for growth-oriented Fortune 1000 enterprises and entrepreneurs.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party