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Smart TV App Development

Developing a smart TV app presents an unique opportunity for brands to cater to your customer’s changing content consumption patterns with highly personalized, interactive and engaging content. [x]cube has been working with leading consumer electronics companies and brands helping them develop smart TV apps and multiscreen solutions that connect to millions of viewers. Irrespective of whether you are looking for samsung smart tv app development, or specific to some other smart TV brand, our app developers have experience in working with both Apple TV as well as several other Android based smart TVs. Smart TV app development is particularly a good strategy for media companies, broadcasters and consumer brands that wants to penetrate the consumers drawing room and maintain a constant connect. Our unique capabilities across strategy, design, development allows us to go beyond only smart TV and device multiscreen solutions across mobile, wearables, Smart TV, gaming consoles and more. [x]cube also has a range of plug-n-play frameworks around smart TV app development that can significantly reduce your development costs, reduce time-to-market and streamline all updates and maintenance.

Augmented Reality Solutions

From defence, manufacturing to retail- we have built a wide range of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions for leading Fortune 1000 businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have gained complete expertise over AR technology and have built authority over the entire spectrum of AR mobile app development including custom AR effects, 3D Augmented reality, e-commerce integration, content management and third party software integration etc. From building an engaging brand app which offers your customers memorable visual moments, to building a mobile solution for employee training that creates real world scenarios- our expertise encompasses all.

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Computer Vision

[x]cube has built its expertise around computer vision, pattern recognition and other embedded image processing technologies to help you build advanced mobile solutions. Our computer vision capabilities include integrating features like face detection, 3D imaging, object imaging, virtual touch, segmentation and gesture based user interfaces etc., to your mobile solutions and build unique experiences that reflects your brands and create market success.

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