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Enterprise Mobility Strategy

An enterprise mobile strategy is not restricted to a couple of mobile apps but leverages the convergence of mobile, IoT, social, cloud and analytics to create solutions that actively helps improve efficiency. This often times disrupts legacy processes to create high yielding solutions that redefines the way business is done. Our mobility strategy is built around the corner stone of Renaissance Enterprise that transcends the scope of mobility alone and applies to the overall digital strategy of a business. The concept of Renaissance Enterprise is developed around principles like personalization, feedback loop, self-learning products that puts the user/customer at the center stage.[x]cube can help you develop a robust, enterprise mobile strategy based on a roadmap that delivers seamless user experience across multiple channels. Our mobile strategy consultants also help with digital transformation, building Renaissance products that are smart, humanized, context-aware, boundaryless and constantly evolving to user needs.

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Mobile Strategy Consulting

Enterprise Mobile Maturity Assessment

The journey to a ‘Mobile First’ organization starts with a single step- understanding your organization’s mobile maturity. Many enterprises fail to realize the optimum RoI from their investments as they go about adopting mobility without first establishing an assessment of their needs, challenges, risks and resources. A mobile maturity assessment session with key stakeholders in your company with our experts will helps us define your organizational mobile readiness and maturity, identify and prioritize focus areas and give critical insights on business drivers, user needs and governance policies. And set the foundation for building and deploying an enterprise mobile strategy.

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Strategy For Market Success

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Digital Power Tool App for Home Improvement
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When South Carolina-based TTI approached [x]cube to help bring their Ryobi™ analog devices on to the mobile platform, we knew exactly what to do. Our results-driven engineering approach helped recreate a complete range of home improvement tools. The outcome is the Ryobi™ Phone Works™ range of products.

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