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While you work to give quality care,
we ensure that you have the right tools

We help healthcare organizations leverage cutting-edge digital technologies - mobile, cloud, analytics, wearables and Internet of Things - as a strategy to innovate and build mission-critical, high-impact solutions. We assist providers increase patient flow, improve treatment outcomes, scale-up revenue and productivity, discover new models of healthcare delivery to keep them at the forefront of excellence.

Our connected healthcare services enables you to build new-age hospitals integrating processes, people and equipments to help you gain new efficiencies, scale-up your facilities, boost treatment outcomes to result in higher patient satisfaction.

A Mobile App That Save Lives

When Pulsara wanted to build a path-breaking mobile solution that would transform emergency care, [x]cube was the choice. We delivered a solution that puts an entire emergency network in the palm of your hand and reduces response time by 20% to 30%. A remarkable success, especially when we know that every second counts.

reduction in door to balloon

D2B time < 90 minutes from
to 95%

Mobile Healthcare Solutions : [x]cube LABS

reduction in average door to lytic

D2B time < 60 minutes from 56% to 80%

Trusted By Leading Healthcare Brands

We Have Tailored Specific Healthcare Solutions For You

We have in-depth experience working with leading healthcare providers and have delivered both practice-specific pointed solutions and organization-wide connected systems, integrated with Big Data and cloud management platforms. Our expertise in mHealth solutions has helped hospitals and healthcare organizations improve their revenue and reputation through increased new patient enrollments & reduced readmissions, and by creating new models of physician-patient engagement, mobilizing practice management and leveraging ‘Software/Hardware as a Service’ model.

We can help healthcare payers leverage technology - mobile, cloud, analytics, etc, as a strategy to streamline their workflows, scale-up revenue and acquire new members. Our expertise involves building systems integrating healthcare providers and members, claim management, cost of care analysis, business intelligence, member engagement tools, etc., to help you exploit new opportunities offered in the digital world.

We deliver world-class mobile solutions for patient engagement, home monitoring systems, patient education apps, wellness & fitness tools, etc., by leveraging mobile, wearable devices, Augmented Reality and other enabling technologies. We also offer app marketing services and solutions to help you acquire users, boost installs, build engagement, monetize and influence behavior to help you realize your underlying business objective.

We Understand Healthcare

Deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering entire workflow and practices.

Complete compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act and other regulations.

Results driven engineering approach resulting in measurable outcomes like 20-30% reduction in emergency response for Pulsara and over million downloads for Advocare.

Disruptive innovation strategy in building solutions like ambulatory devices to turn every bed into ICU, EMR on Google Glass etc.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party