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Mobile Outpatient Care Solutions

It takes a lot of trouble for a patient to drive back to the clinic/ hospital for post discharge treatments. The pain, cost and trouble of travelling for the patient could lead to an improper delivery of care as well as likelihood of miscommunication between the patient and the provider. Also, accurate prescription adherence and following the physician’s advice is vital to the patient’s treatment and recovery process.

An efficient channel of communication between the physician and the patient helps ensure better care and prescription adherence. Mobile outpatient care solutions help patients strictly follow the prescription during their home-care period.

Technologies Powering Mobile Outpatient Care Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • Analytics

How It Works

Mobile Outpatient care solution bridges the gap between the doctor and patient by providing the following functionalities:

Mobile Outpatient care solution bridges the gap between the doctor and patient by providing the following functionalities:

  • Smooth Information Sharing

    Outpatient care solutions allow the patient to communicate intuitively with the doctor through their mobile. The app provides a stable and secure platform where patients can share recovery developments communicate remotely and effectively with the physician.

  • Track recovery

    The app makes it possible for health care providers to track the patients’ vital parameters or pain levels and other symptoms and analyse progress, making them better equipped to give out immediate responses.

  • Build confidence

    Enable your patients to start a conversation with other patients. The app provides a platform where patients can share their stories; communicate through forums, post or answer queries, and provide support and encouragement to each other.

  • Data Storage and access

    Store patient reports and previous history. Also enable them to receive lab results on their mobile device, through an intuitive user interface.


  • Information

    The patient can have all information related to their illness, prescriptions, reports and so on at their fingertips

  • Improved Care

    Offer the patient better care by fostering a collaborative environment resulting in a faster and shared healing process.

  • Patient Management

    Easily manage the patient’s recovery process, through easier appointments, reduced travel and digital reports

  • Monitor

    Gather data about patients’ concerns through forums and identify ways of serving them better


Deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering entire workflow and practices.

Disruptive innovation strategy in building solutions like ambulatory devices to turn every bed into ICU, EMR on Google Glass etc.

Results driven engineering approach resulting in measurable outcomes like 20-30% reduction in emergency response for Pulsara and over million downloads for Advocare.

Complete compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act and other regulations.

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