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Internet Of Things In Healthcare

Connecting Providers, Physicians, Patients, Payors, Processes And Other Things.

We collaborate with manufacturers to trim down operational costs, optimize resource utilization and boost efficiency while enabling innovation and excellence. We help them leverage new technologies like mobile, cloud, wearables, big data and internet of things to build a connected enterprise that supports real-time supply chain, predictive platforms, information flow and process accelerators.

Connected Hospital - Smart Hospital - [x]cube LABS

Smart Hospital

  • A connected hospital leverages digital technologies, solutions and smart devices to enable:
  • Secure and real-time information flow management systems across units
  • Clinical diagnosis leveraging data and analytics
  • Remote visibility and tracking of on-premise assets & equipments using RFID and geo-tagging
  • Provide on-the-fly access to patient EMR to physicians & nursing staff on their devices
  • Implement Hospital workforce management systems
  • Implement Compliance Management Systems
  • Build Customized Hospital Management Systems
  • Build billing management systems that record and provide real-time visibility to patients and your staff.

In addition, [x]cube has also partnered with leading healthcare brands to leverage Internet of Things and other digital technologies in building customized solutions that addresses their specific challenges and unique needs.

IoT Healthcare Solutions for Smart Emergency Management Systems - [x]cube LABS

Smart Emergency Management Systems

Providing your Emergency Response Units with the right tool that can help them be accurate, quicker and reduce fatalities.

Connected Medical Devices - [x]cube LABS

Connected Medical Devices

Integrating various medical devices with mobile or wearable devices and make them communicate to each other via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB etc.

IoT in Healthcare for Patient Engagement Solutions - [x]cube LABS

Patient Engagement Solutions

Modern-day patient engagement solutions that can educate your patients on the diseases and treatment, help them connect and consult with your physicians anytime, anywhere, assist them in medication and prescription adherence post discharge, and create wellness. And help you take your relationship with patients to next-level.
We worked with UHG and Advocare to build next generation patient engagement solutions.

UHG Advocare
IoT in Healthcare for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution - [x]cube LABS

Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

We can build remote patient monitoring solution that can collect patient vitals from various medical devices like pressure monitors, pedometers etc., located in patient’s home, quickly analyze it and then transmit it across care teams for decision making and treatment. Moreover, it also enables remote management of various medical devices connected to a patient in home care. A remote patient monitoring solution not only betters outcomes and patient satisfaction but also reduces cost of care, eases of infrastructure costs and reduces readmissions.

Enviable Client List

WHY [x]cube


Deep Industry Experience

Product development and digital innovation for 15+ leading healthcare brands and startups.

Deep Technology Expertise

Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud and IoT.

Award Winning Design Team

20+ international awards in last 3 years.

Patented IPs

Customer engagement, contextual awareness and analytics platforms & over 100 APIs.

Complete Compliance

HIPAA, HITECH and other industry specific regulations.


[x]cube leveraged its leadership in innovation, competencies in mobile, cloud, big data & analytics, wearable, and other enabling technologies; and experience working with leading healthcare companies to build robust expertise in IoT in healthcare. We help providers, payors and other healthcare organizations build unified systems by helping them connect their people, processes, applications, devices & equipments to enable machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-people (M2P) communication. Our connected healthcare strategy and solutions have helped healthcare industry leaders boost staff efficiency, accentuate patient satisfaction, improve treatment outcomes, gain better cost efficiency and build new models of care delivery. In addition, we have also partnered with big brands and startups in healthcare innovation and new product development that is bringing a revolutionary change in diagnosis, treatment processes and outcomes, patient engagement, physician and staff efficiency and in overall healthcare delivery.


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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party