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The purpose at [x]cube LABS is to be the firm of choice that individuals and enterprises with an idea to change the world, seek to partner with to convert their ideas into reality. Simply put, we seek to be “innovation heavy lifting champions”. Our objective is to work with individuals and enterprises to help hone their idea, validate it, build prototypes, seek market feedback, build a production grade solution, help market it and optimise it further. Simply put, we want to be our clients, a concierge service to help them create success from their ideas, and make them say “hello world, disruption. executed”.


[x]cube is a unique institution. It houses under one roof app geeks, scalability wizards, user interfaces geniuses, strategy king kongs, pixel art aficionados, machine learning dreamers and so on.

Its an amazing place where so much of the left brain meets the right brain and there is sheer diversity of high quality talent to constantly learn from, collaborate and co-create.

We see ourselves not as technologists or designers, but as creative problem solvers who’re pushing the envelop of whats possible every day to deliver unique products and services.

To support such a creative community of people, we created an environment that fosters innovative thinking.


With a decade & half experience of creating world class teams and driving innovation through cutting edge products and solutions, Bharath is ideally poised to enable [x]cube LABS to deliver best in class mobility solutions to its clients and help them win the race for market advantage. Most recently he completed a distinguished stint at Mahindra Satyam, where besides being on the Shadow Board advising senior management on strategic and operational initiatives, he also led strategy, marketing & sales initiatives for the Travel, Logistics & other markets. Prior to this, he led the fast growing BPM practice. He also led technology leadership roles at Panterra Networks & Prime Technologies after completing his B Tech from IIT Madras.

Ravi knows startups. His technological expertise is highly-diversified ranging from Telecom and Hosted/Enterprise, to SaaS applications and mobile games. He has attained immeasurable experience building teams, establishing departments, and defining procedures to recruit only the very best.

Jeff Stewart is an award-winning game designer with over 15 years experience. Jeff has worked with the big names such as Sega and Lucas Arts since 2006. From experience in real time strategy, story and dialogue writing, and turn-based and action RPGs, Jeff brings his unique skills to the world of social and mobile games.

With a background in the arts, Anne brings a creative vision and professional attitude to game and app design and studio management. Specializing in activities and games for kids, Anne has worked with such well-known brands as Barbie, Monster High and Ever After High, as well as a Fisher-Price’s child-development app for parents.

Pavan comes with 9 years of experience in the field of global sales & business development in software technology projects & Services sales across various industries in mobile & web technologies , specialising in Business Partnerships and Strategic alliances across the globe. Currently working on building partnerships and developing enterprise apps for [x]cube LABS to reach out to global markets in the space of Mobile technology across Financial services, Consumer electronics & Travel.

Rama Krishna has formidable expertise in a wide range of technologies, including VoIP, iOS development, mobile advertising and analytics, and much more. He has been part of organizations such as PanTerra Networks and Competent Solutions as a Software Architect before joining PurpleTalk. At PurpleTalk, he is responsible for project management as well as engineering standards and training implementation. Most people simply call him RK.

Hari PS has extensive experience with telecom systems, PBXs, and similar complicated enterprise-level stuff, since he was leading one of the largest engineering teams at PanTerra Networks, which focuses on providing a complete communications platform for SMBs. At PurpleTalk though, he has had fun building our first iPhone game FireDrop, as well as working on our AdShare platform. He has since been busy leading our engineering efforts in terms of training and recruitment, coordinating with Sales, exploring new platforms and a whole lot of SDKs and APIs, and much more.


Imtiaz brings an experience of 10 years in the mobile industry. With a strong background in understanding the mobile first business, he has been instrumental in defining mobile strategy for large enterprises and entertainment companies.He has been involved in the development of enterprise class mobile applications, platforms, solutions, frameworks and large games on top of popular IPs.

As a Game Designer, Aaron loves to focus on building game experiences that encourage creativity and exploration. When he is not thinking about games he enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, photography and making music.

For over ten years Brittnie has been an artist in the entertainment industry gaining a wide spectrum of experience across all types of studios from large animation houses to small mobile game startups. She brings her passion for quality games and knowledge of all things art to [x]cube where she continues to focus on building one of the strongest art teams that is capable of producing some of the best quality art for any type of platform.


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At [x]cube we have a high energy, extremely talented team and are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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