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We collaborate with leading names in financial services to
help them offer services in new ways,
deepen customer relationships and optimize their processes.

We partner with companies from financial services industry to leverage digital technologies to drive innovation, maximize cost reduction strategies, discover new revenue opportunities and build immersive customer experiences. Our solutions are geared towards helping businesses make technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics and Internet of things, central to their strategy and optimally benefit from it.

Award Winning HTML5 Trading Platform

When leading stock trading company tradeMONSTER wanted to go mobile, they partnered with [x]cube LABS for strategy and development consulting. The company wanted a best-in-class trading platform that delivers a PC like experience - run up to four applications and facilitate streaming quotes and complex options spread analytics. Moreover, they also wanted a sustainable solution that will save them from upgrading or building an app with entry of every new platform/app store in the market and will be quick to update and distribute. We delivered an AWARD WINNING trading platform leveraging the hybrid HTML5-native model completely redefining the retail trading platform.

We Have Tailored Specific Finance Solutions For You

Our business process solutions help our clients achieve high business impact by streamlining processes, gaining new efficiencies, improving productivity and data-driven operations and decision making. We can help you build customized sales enablement solutions, trade services and servicing, payment reconciliation and settlement, collateral management etc., to keep you stay ahead of the competition in face of digital disruption.

Our solutions help investment banks, stock trading and asset management firms target new customer segments, drive customer retention, upsell/cross sell and improve service levels. We help them leverage technology to enhance sales channels, amplify brand experience, employ gamification and context-awareness to improve engagement, and build predictive customer service tools to deliver highly personalized experiences to your members.

We Understand Financial Services

Being a post iPhone company, we know how to leverage digital as a strategy.

IPs on context aware and predictive management platform for understanding and influencing customer behavior.

Proven authority in gamification and customer engagement solutions.

Complete adherence to industry regulations.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party