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Digital is the name of game. For today and tomorrow. As the world goes digital, and digital technology disrupts the way we live and work, it presents new challenges and a new wave of growth opportunities for enterprises. However, to be a leader in the digital economy, a business needs to do more than embracing digital technologies. Digital business transformation is the need of the hour.

As technology briskly evolves, devices connect with each other, experiences go interactive and seamless and consumer expectations change ‐ enterprises need to adapt to a new DNA of digital by transforming its people, processes and products. [x]cube can be your partner in this journey to digital transformation with its deep experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables and Internet of Things and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting.

Our Digital Business Transformation and Strategy Services

Digital Transformation Services - [x]cube LABS

Digital Strategy Workshops:

[x]cube offers digital strategy consulting and solutions to enterprises transforming into Digital Enterprise. Our digital strategy workshop is the perfect springboard to identify your organization’s strengths, prioritize focus areas in digital, understand patterns in disruption and identify innovation opportunities for your business as well as in create a successful roadmap for disruption in your market and digital transformation in your enterprise.

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Digital Strategy:

To become a digital enterprise, you not just need technical expertise but a comprehensive strategy that encompasses organizational vision, goals, governance and connects people, processes and experiences. We help businesses in leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation, introduce disruptive solutions, sense and shape markets, and deliver operational excellence.Our digital strategy consultants will collaborate with you to understand your organizational needs, strengths and capabilities and come up with suitable digital strategies and solutions to assist in development and expansion of your digital enterprise.

Discover how we helped Digital Caddies Inc. disrupt the Caddie space
Digital Transformation Strategy
Digital Transformation Strategy for Innovation

Digital Innovation:

Innovation is the only means to grow beyond mere survival, in this fast paced tech environment. We partner with enterprises to help identify opportunities for digital innovation and execute such initiatives with precision to deliver market success. Innovation starts with vision but it needs much more than that to give flesh to the idea, develop it into something tangible and ensure it becomes a market success. We can help validate your ideas, demonstrate its feasibility, check for market readiness and then help you give shape to it. Our deep expertise in digital technologies, product development, strong understanding of customer behaviors and extensive experience working with businesses across industries uniquely position us to build disruptive innovation strategies for your products, services and processes.

Discover how our disruptive innovation strategy transformed home entertainment

Digital Product Development:

Be it bringing your existing products into the digital fold or developing new products for the digital world, [x]cube can be your ideal partner. We will assist you in understanding the market needs, choosing the right mix of technologies, architect the product, empower it with new‐age analytics and user engagement tools for customer delight and ensure it gets popular with users with a sharp user acquisition strategy. Our patented products, 100+ plug‐n‐play frameworks and agile development methods like JIT, LEAN etc., will help you go‐to‐market quickly.

Discover how we helped TTI disrupt the home improvement market by reinventing its power tools for the digital world
Digital Strategy Consulting
Digital Transformation Services

Digital Technology Enablement:

We are digital natives and have built considerable depth and breadth in new‐age technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, wearables and the Internet of Things. We have developed patented customer engagement and contextual awareness platforms that can be quickly integrated with your digital assets to empower them for the modern‐day user. Our capabilities in building internet scale platforms can provide you with the flexibility and scalability to manage millions of user interactions. Our analytics tools can help you gather deeper customer intelligence to build new products or upgrade new ones.

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Digital Content Strategy:

A modern day organization uses a wide variety of digital content across different functions, in various forms, coming from a wide variety of sources and dissipated through numerous channels. It is critical for efficiency and business success to have a tight control over the process while not slowing it down. We help organizations in creating a comprehensive and robust digital content strategy that focusses on production, aggregation, storage, management, distribution and security of your content assets. Our experts will help you build a unified digital content strategy through a structured information architecture approach so as to make content management and governance process easy and efficient.

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Digital Content Strategy

WHY [x]cube

Product development - Digital Transformation - [x]cube LABS Extensive Experience

Digital business transformation and product development for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.

Analytics, Cloud, IoT - Digital Transformation - [x]cube LABS Deep Technology Expertise

Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud and IoT.

Customer Engagement - Digital Transformation - [x]cube LABS Patented IPs

Customer engagement, contextual awareness and analytics platforms & over 100 APIs

Awards - Digital Transformation - [x]cube LABS Awards

Award Winning Design Team 20+ international awards in last 3 years.

Result Driven Engineering - Digital Transformation - [x]cube LABS
Rapid Development Processes

Proprietary “Result Driven Engineering” methodology, supported by proven Lean and JIT based approach.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party