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We Help Enterprises Achieve Digital Innovation. Consistently.

Looking for help with digital innovation? Your search ends here. Headquartered in Dallas, [x]cube LABS helps enterprises globally with digital transformation and digital technology adoption. We take a highly collaborative approach and help solve problems across the entire digital transformation journey from ideation and strategizing to experimentation and execution. We specialize in helping enterprises transform customer experience, and in the process we help you leverage new, digitally driven business models.

We solve hard problems and transform enterprises with our unique methodology, iterative approach, and rapid execution. We collaborate closely with clients to get the details right and to formulate a long-term vision with a clear path to digital transformation that results in new, digital-driven revenue and growth opportunities. Our expertise and extensive engagement with emerging tech ensures that enterprises get superior strategy consulting as well as flawless technology execution, making us one-of-a-kind among digital transformation companies.


Work with Us to Transform Your Customer Experience. And Your Business.


Customer experience transformation for Mann+Hummel

Deploying IoT innovation to empower filtration machines to generate extensive reports and carry out predictive maintenance, we helped Mann+Hummel cut down major overheads, transform customer experience and discover new business opportunities, resulting in a successful digital business transformation.

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Building an entire digital revenue stream and business model for the Panini Group

Looking to transition from selling collectible sports cards in retail stores, the Panini Group leadership leveraged our expertise to formulate a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. We then took care of the execution, launching a host of mobile apps leveraging online trading, e-commerce, gamification, and more.

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The [x]cube + Grand Farm Agritech 2021: Transforming Agriculture with Digital Technologies Report

[x]cube LABS, in collaboration with GrandFarm, has done a comprehensive study of leading global agriculture companies and listed the most common risks and corresponding opportunities in the Ag-tech space. This report is a valuable resource for stakeholders who are starting their agritech journey by providing them a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem and insights on strategies and technologies that deliver results.

Our Services

Your Complete Digital Transformation Journey Starts Here

Successful execution of digital initiatives does require technology focus, but there is a lot more involved in the entire journey. Early strategic decisions regarding what needs to be done are critical, as is the initial ideation and assessment. From problem definition to idea validation to prototyping and execution, the [x]cube team works with enterprises closely, concentrating on achieving clear success parameters at each stage. Our focus on effective digital transformation consulting, design, experience, and usability, in particular, enables us to deliver on rapid yet robust digital innovation repeatedly.

Our Innovation Process Helps You Identify Problems and Opportunities



Across a variety of needs such as digital strategy, Customer Experience transformation, ideation and idea validation,

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While generating new ideas is exciting, ensuring that the right foundation is in place before undertaking digital innovation is critical.

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Leverage the Right Digital Transformation Technologies from our Extensive Arsenal


Internet of Things

IoT-powered innovation helps enterprises leverage existing data, generate and collect data in new ways, as well as connect and integrate systems.

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Virtual Reality

Immersive, experience-centric technologies such as virtual reality help in memorable, realistic simulations that can be used for making learning

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Deliver Top-Notch Customer Experience that Drives Retention

cx consulting

CX Consulting

Among digital transformation services, improving Customer Experience requires a focus on strategy and problem solving,

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digital strategy

Digital Strategy Consulting

Leverage the expertise of our digital strategy consultants to identify opportunities and risks, create comprehensive roadmaps,

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As a Complete Digital Transformation Agency, We’ve Worked with Leading Enterprises Globally


Access our digital library for rich and in-depth research on technologies, industries, transformation guides and more


Internet of Things Landscape 2022

Our landscape report takes an in-depth look at how IoT is transforming industries, all the stats, projections and areas of impact

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mobile app development

Mobile App Development Strategy

With over a decade of experience in mobile app development, our experts have seen many successful and failed initiatives

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We deliver and we get it right. Hear it from our clients.


"[x]cube has transformed a traditional manufacturing company such as Spa Electrics into a software company. They have the skill and confidence to build the product you need"

Product manager of Spa Electrics, Mathew Rust, talks about his experience of developing connected solutions with us.



The Lansinoh team talks about their experience with [x]cube's mobile applications development service which helped them design and create an intuitive solution for moms, who need help in tracking their baby's data.



“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.

Kevin, CEO of Titan International, talks about his highly successful wireless fireworks firing system and how [x]cube helped him realise his vision.

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