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Why enterprises should take this assessment

Digital technology innovation is rarely just about technology alone, although that is of course a critical part. For innovation and transformation efforts to succeed, enterprises need to be positioned well to execute well on technology initiatives. Most importantly, though enterprises need to be able to drive and orchestrate change on a wide variety of fronts, from IT infrastructure to business processes to upskilling to vendor and partner management and onboarding to data collection and processing practices and much, much more. In our experience, even a relatively small, experimental innovation initiative typically requires managing a number of other moving pieces and ensuring that they are in sync. It’s best to be prepared and to plan ahead, and the first step in that journey is to clearly understand where you currently stand on the path of digital transformation. This assessment is exactly the first step that you need for your business.

About this assessment

Our assessment workshop helps you understand where your organization stands with respect to digital technologies. The insights gained from this assessment will help you evaluate your digital maturity, management practices and digital disruption readiness and give you a clear perspective on what you should do and how you can prioritize your activities and plan for the future.

This is how it works

Our analysts will work with you closely and connect with your stakeholders to gather data points across five foundational competencies essential to become a truly digital-native enterprise. The following is only a high-level indicative list of questions around which your enterprise is assessed. Actual assessments are typically more comprehensive to gather a 360-degree perspective of your business.

Digital transformation

Impact of digital transformation on your company and industry: Is your enterprise poised to ride the wave of digital disruption and benefit from the opportunities that come with digital transformation? How can you leverage digital to stay ahead in your industry?

Impact on customer

Impact of digital transformation on your customers: With rapidly changing consumer preferences, are you able to meet the expectations of your customers? How can you capitalise on digital to deliver superior customer experience?

ecosystem awareness

Digital ecosystem awareness: Are your existing technologies on the verge of becoming obsolete? How can you optimize your current processes with the latest digital technologies?

digitally-driven revenue

Current digitally-driven revenue: How much of your current revenue comes from digital and how much can you expect in the future? How can you leverage digital to increase your digitally-driven revenue?

enterprise architecture

Assess enterprise architecture to identify gaps: What are the major gaps in your enterprise architecture and how can you close them with digital technologies? What kind of resources can you save by filling those gaps? This phase is typically a deep dive to understand your overall value chain (all stakeholders, business model, and more) and to predict how digital will impact it.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive assessment report

We rely on stakeholder interviews, comprehensive industry research, and more to identify key innovation opportunities for your business. While the assessment is not about generating new ideas, the research deep dive allows our digital transformation experts to get a sense of the kind of opportunities and challenges you are faced with as well as your level of readiness in this context.

Based on this, our digital consultants will prepare a comprehensive report that will help you identify immediate changes you need to make and initiatives you need to take up, as well as get a high-level view of the long-term journey you will need to undertake.

The assessment report will give you insights into:

Current enterprise maturity

  • Assessing your organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Authorizing cultural and technological change
  • Identify capability gaps & new sales opportunities

Enhancing customer experience

  • Recognizing opportunities for growth & innovation
  • Opportunities to innovate and deliver better customer experiences
  • Launching new products and improving your employee experience
  • Deploying data-driven decision-making techniques

Business recommendations

  • Delivering a systematic basis for your business
  • Employing the most effective marketing tactics for your business
  • Choosing the right technology to deliver transformation
  • Creating a sense of order amidst a variety of disruptive technologies
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        We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


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            We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party