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Our knowledge and experience in refining Customer Engagement has helped our clients gain a competitive edge that reduces attrition, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales.



Mapping an effective journey goes beyond something put together with the basic data of each customer. You need to have a strategy, mathematical models, and data to glean insights from. With the changing technological landscape, your engagement will have to evolve. Among the various factors at play, there’s increasing income levels, customers getting older, more advanced and so on. Therefore, before you is a whole mix of insights that needs to be woven into a successful formula for keeping your customers hooked and happy.

It goes beyond sending notifications or storing basic information. This is a significant challenge for enterprises across the board and we have the right kind of toolkit, maturity and experience to deliver high-quality customer engagement strategy and results

Our service offerings cater to your specific needs

Our customer engagement strategy covers:

Behavioral Analytics

Gain contextual, data-driven insights into customer behavior, identify patterns and determine the best-suited channel to put forward your business value . Turn online shopping into a personalized experience that increases customer engagement and drives sales.

Data-driven Strategies

Improve user experience and product adoption through relevant and interesting means of communication based on insights derived from your customer data. Get feedback from customers to modify engagement strategies as and when required.

Continuous Enhancement

We help you track and analyze your CE strategies being implemented and evaluate the results. This ensures that things can be modified regularly to suit your customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Personalization at scale

Deliver personalized content through your customer’s preferred touchpoint. Our digital specialists are masters in automating personalization with high-precision, across all platforms.


We help you leverage technology, processes, and strategies to:


With a better engagement strategy comes the opportunity to attract more customers. Convert your prospects into buyers.


New strategies for your customers will lead to better experiences and enhance loyalty.


Offer your customers something new every time you interact with them, so they keep coming back for more.


We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. We have our in-house revolutionary customer engagement platform, Upshot.ai, which is used by Fortune 1000 companies and has led to a dramatic increase in user engagement, retention and monetization.

One of our clients, a leading publisher of children’s magazines, books, and collectibles, benefited from our CE services and saw a 40% increase in average revenue per user and a 20% increase in paid users. With proven expertise in this area, we are in a perfect position to help you craft a winning CE strategy.


Building a brand with strong customer engagement is a tough ask. Ensure you avoid these common mistakes to stay on the right track.

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