Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The impact of mobile technology on enterprises is compelling. Mobile applications are fast becoming high performance business instruments, internally- to optimize workforce and streamline operations, and externally- to connect and interact with target audience. Several forward-looking companies, in order to develop sustainable long-term capabilities, have internally started deploying mobility technology solutions into their systems. However, due to the complexities involved, specialized skills and experience required in implementing and managing enterprise mobility solutions, many of the internal initiatives are not yielding desired results, leading to under optimized consumption of time and capital.

We, at [x]cube LABS, are uniquely positioned to leverage our rich expertise in enterprise mobility solutions and can be your ideal mobile technology partner, providing you robust, feature-rich and sustainable mobility solutions, perfectly catering to your diverse organizational needs. Our unique spectrum of offerings in mobile technology consulting includes developing mobile strategy, enterprise app development & deployment and system integration services. Our comprehensive capabilities in mobile technology help us deliver high-performance solutions that can accelerate innovation, enhance productivity, and drive critical business outcomes to enterprises of all sizes and across all verticals.

Healthcare - Redefine care with our healthcare mobility solutions

Healthcare mobility solutions like medication administration and physician rounding are changing the face of healthcare. Learn how our mobile solutions can help you provide better patient care and improve treatment outcomes.

Retail - Mobile shopping is the new order!

Mobile devices has transformed the way people shop and buy. Learn how our retail mobility solutions can help you boost customer engagement, aid in brand-building and accentuate the shopping experience.

Banking - Mobile is the new bank!

Tighter regulation and shifting customer preferences are propelling banks to embrace mobile. Our comprehensive mobile banking solutions can help your bank stay ahead of the curve by helping you take your services to your customer’s device.

Insurance - Mobile insures success!

From Insurance agents’ solutions, policyholder solutions to underwriting solutions, our cutting-edge insurance mobility solutions can not only help you ride out a challenging business environment but also do business in sync with soaring customer expectations.

Financial Services - Reshape your business!

From a reliable mobile trading platform to investment portfolio management solutions, learn how our mobile solutions for financial services are perfectly capable of meeting your critical business and customer needs.

Education - Redesign the classrooms!

From mobile based learning tools to mobile apps that take you to virtual tours of school & college campuses, learn how our mobile solutions for education can help you create a modern and engaging learning environment.

Travel - Travel with your customers!

From mobile ticketing, augmented reality guides to airline crew collaboration and support, our mobile solutions can help you keep customer at the center of your business strategy while boosting productivity, driving customer experience and bettering margins.

For specialty mobile solutions reach us at connect@xcubelabs.com

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