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Hospital Asset Management & Tracking Solutions

A hospital is a large enterprise with a lot of equipment and a large workforce. This equipment is shared amongst various departments. Keeping track of everything becomes a very difficult task. In a place like a hospital where life-threatening emergencies can occur at any moment, it becomes very important to keep a record so that critical equipment can be found whenever necessary. Equipment management and tracking solutions thus play an important role in enabling a streamlined operation in hospital with optimized usage of materials and workforce.

The Hospital Asset Management and Tracking Solution enables you to manage hospital machinery and equipment and track assets like wheelchairs and mobile beds, which are moved often or used across departments or hospital floors.

Technologies Powering Hospital Asset Management & Tracking Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Internet of Things

  • Cloud

  • Analytics

How It Works

The Hospital Asset Management Solution use RFID technology to assist you in locating assets conveniently. It provides the following functionalities

The Hospital Asset Management Solution use RFID technology to assist you in locating assets conveniently. It provides the following functionalities

  • Asset Database

    The solution enables you to maintain a complete digital database of all your hospital assets in one place, enabling you to manage assets in different departments easily.

  • Equipment Tracking

    The equipment tracking solution works by placing RFID labels on hospital equipment like stretchers, wheel chairs, ECG machine and the like which can then be traced through RFID readers in real time. Vision software available on your staff’s mobile devices enables them to view all the equipment in real time. The user can search for a particular piece of equipment or a group of equipment and locate it effortlessly.

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Your staff can also use this solution to identify the assets which are due for periodic repair, or require replacement.


  • Save replacement cost

    Lower inventory expense with minimal misplacement and optimized usage

  • Save time

    Reduce unnecessary equipment movement and boost response time.

  • Easy search

    Lesser equipment search time due to real-time location visibility

  • Monitor

    Gather equipment usage data and identify areas where costs can be reduced


Deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering entire workflow and practices.

Disruptive innovation strategy in building solutions like ambulatory devices to turn every bed into ICU, EMR on Google Glass etc.

Results driven engineering approach resulting in measurable outcomes like 20-30% reduction in emergency response for Pulsara and over million downloads for Advocare.

Complete compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act and other regulations.

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