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Mobile Physician Referral Solutions

With the healthcare ecosystem evolving there is room for specialists in every aspect of health care. In times of competition, hospitals try to build relationships with physicians and look to leverage this network by referring the right physician for the respective disease.

A physician referral circle includes physicians, designated specialists, hospitals, nursing facilities and other selected providers. The Mobile Physician Referral Solution helps streamline those referrals and requests appointments with a specific doctor. This solution helps you build long-lasting relationships with other specialists in your circle. In and when need arises the patient can be connected or referred to the appropriate doctor.

Technologies Powering Mobile Physician Referral Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • Analytics

  • Content Management Systems

How It Works

The Mobile Physician Referral Solution will enable your physicians to connect their patients to specialists easily.

The Mobile Physician Referral Solution will enable your physicians to connect their patients to specialists easily.

  • Tap. Login Connect

    Enable physicians to provide all the relevant information about the patient to the relevant specialist or hospital offering care.

  • Quick Appointment

    Request an appointment with the required specialist.

  • Physician Search

    Search for physicians by zip codes, medical speciality or insurance provider. Obtain directions to their offices and facilities.

  • Follow Up

    Follow up fulfillment, including confirmation letters, emails, or other materials.


  • Database

    The app provides an easy to access database of physicians and their specializations.

  • Flow of information

    More accurate and refined care to the patient by connecting to the appropriate doctor.

  • Ratings and analytics

    From usage analysis identify areas with further relationship opportunities.


Deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering entire workflow and practices.

Disruptive innovation strategy in building solutions like ambulatory devices to turn every bed into ICU, EMR on Google Glass etc.

Results driven engineering approach resulting in measurable outcomes like 20-30% reduction in emergency response for Pulsara and over million downloads for Advocare.

Complete compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act and other regulations.

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