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Mobile General Hospital Solutions

The huge hospitals in today’s times have been both a boon and a bane. The hospitals today house treatment cells for all sorts of diseases which makes it easier for the patients to avail the treatments, however the long corridors and multiple blocks, most of the times make it confusing for patients to locate the required department. In case of severe emergencies, the problem is even more critical as the relatives of the patients do not know exactly where to go for the treatment.

The Mobile General Hospital Solution tries to make it easier to understand the hospital layout and offers several more services such as enabling patients to get all the help that one would typically receive at the hospital help desk.

Technologies Powering Mobile General Hospital Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Content Management Systems

  • Cloud

How It Works

Having a general hospital app makes life for a patient on the road to recovery easier by providing the following functionalities:

Having a general hospital app makes life for a patient on the road to recovery easier by providing the following functionalities:

  • Hospital Map

    Enable patients and their family members to locate any department on any floor easily. A map lucidly explains where the wards, cafeteria, ER and so on are located and displays the best way to access the same.

  • Automated Helpdesk:

    The patient is provided with the facility to drop queries and receive replies, by the helpdesk on the move. Information about visiting hours, contact details and availability of physicians, tap to call function and so on are provided.

  • Room View

    The solution provides patients the option to access 360 degree views of the in-patient rooms.

  • Waiting time checker

    The app provides patients with real time estimates for ER wait time.


  • Easy Communication

    Allow your patients to communicate easily with hospital staff and cater to their every need

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

    Provide information about all the hospital services that the patient or his family can access easily

  • Analytics

    The solution enables you to identify the areas where patient satisfaction is less through mobile app analytics and improve those services


Deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering entire workflow and practices.

Disruptive innovation strategy in building solutions like ambulatory devices to turn every bed into ICU, EMR on Google Glass etc.

Results driven engineering approach resulting in measurable outcomes like 20-30% reduction in emergency response for Pulsara and over million downloads for Advocare.

Complete compliance with HIPAA, HITECH Act and other regulations.

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