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Social Media Mobile App Development - [x]cube LABS



In an extremely competitive social media space, we helped Cuckoo carve a niche for itself and make the app a part of its user's life.

Social Media App Development Case Study




Custom Social Media Application Development - [x]cube LABS


Create Cuckuus- Create your own personalized alarms and invite friends

Public Cuckuus - Search and Follow Cuckuus created by other users matching your interests like favorite brands, recipes, hobbies etc

Earn Points- Earn points for every completed Cuckuu and raise your level in the app

Rankings - See how you stack up against your friends and other users across the global



Client Speaks

We live in a time where we constantly feel like there aren't enough hours in the day for what is most important to you. This is where Cuckuu steps in. Making Cuckuu a part of a user's daily routine, will help them become more productive and gain back a few hours that they can then devote to the things they love to do. Cuckuu's job is to inspire users to get more done during the day and have fun while doing it.

Joao Jesus, CEO, Cuckuu Ltd.

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