5 Must Have Mobile Solutions For The Hospitality Industry.

Mobile is quickly becoming a necessity for the hospitality industry. Hotels, resorts and restaurants etc., should adopt mobility to not only accentuate the guest experience but to also gain the competitive edge. In a weak economic cycle, mobile is emerging as the answer to multiple challenges. But how should one begin?

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Mobility in Hospitality

Get insights on how hospitality industry is using mobile today and the areas where it is likely to focus in the future.

Mobility Benefits

Mobility in hospitality industry is not just limited to engaging guests. You can also use it to empower employees, reduce costs and boost profitability.

5 Must Have Mobile Solutions

Learn about 5 key mobile solutions in detail which every hotelier must have to accentuate the guest experience and improve business.

How to implement mobility?

Learn 6 key success factors for implementing mobility in your property; drive its success and get high ROI.

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Headquartered in Dallas, U.S, [x]cube LABS is a leading specialty mobile solutions provider and consulting company. With expertise across all the major mobile platforms, [x]cube has delivered over 500 apps till date and has an enviable client list comprising of some of the biggest brands like Amazon, GE, Nokia, CBS, DreamWorks, Pearson and UHG. Perfect understanding of the mobile technology space complemented with the capability to deliver end-to-end solutions, makes [x]cube the perfect mobile consultant of choice.

They say..

"We’ve had mobile bookings since the end of 2010, and our guests have told us they want to engage with us during their stay, so we’re now adding mobile check-in. We plan to evolve and add other services."

George Corbin

Senior Vice President, Digital, Marriott International