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Mobile Construction Project Management

The increasing costs of construction is a major challenge faced by construction companies. Maintaining efficiency is critical. Mobile construction project management solutions increases the efficiency of architects, builders, supervisors and other stakeholders ensuring completion of projects on time. It replaces paperwork with an easy-to-use smartphone or tablet, which can be carried anywhere. This mobile project management solution offers the stakeholders improved communication and collaboration, sure to reduce costs.

Technologies Powering Mobile Construction Project Management

  • Mobile

  • Analytics

  • Content Management Systems

How It Works

The solution provides separate modules for simplifying construction project management:

The solution provides separate modules for simplifying construction project management:

  • Owner Module

    This module has a dashboard capable of showing all the work done for the day, deviation from actual and planned finances with Gantt Charts, inventory control, approval of stock replenishment and checking of receivables.

  • Supervisor Module

    This module enables the user to manage daily work scheduling, track funds spent for the day, time and material tracking, maintain job site assets and generate reports for the owners.

  • Additional plug-ins

    Functionalities like inventory management and payroll management can be additionally included in the modules.


  • Monitor Work

    Enable owners to check work continuously and track cost overruns.

  • Track Materials

    Manage raw material, and equipment better by tracking the material and its usage.

  • Share Information and updates

    Get all the information needed to coordinate the work between project managers, client, subcontractors, etc

  • Analytics

    App analytics to identify the areas responsible for delays and losses and minimize them

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