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Mobile Building Inspection Solution

While inspecting a building there are too many things to be checked such as the roofing, plumbing, foundation, sanitation, framing, lifts and life safety systems likes fire alarms, emergency exits and ventilation. It can be quite challenging for the inspector to keep track of each and every detail. Also all these inspections need to be done at different frequencies.

The Mobile Building Inspection Solution is a capable and handy assistant that enables the inspector to manage and track the building inspection process effectively. The app allows your organization to bridge the gap between the office and the field by eliminating field-based paper processes. This solution covers the requirements of any building inspector and provides all the necessary information in his smartphone. It can not only help him manage all aspects of the inspection activity but also enable him to track damage.

Technologies Powering Mobile Building Inspection Solution

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • Analytics

How It Works

The Mobile Building Inspection Solution provides the following functionalities:

The Mobile Building Inspection Solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Officer Attendance

    Mobile building inspection solutions confirms the onsite presence of the building inspector by logging the GPS coordinates, as well as time stamping the inspection when the building inspection is initiated.

  • Checklist Based Inspection Assistance

    The app enables the inspector to identify what all needs to be inspected. They can then pull up a checklist and complete these checklists on their mobile devices. The inspector is then guided through the inspection process, ensuring that nothing is missed.

  • Rich Media

    The app allows the inspector to take notes and photographs about the specific items on the checklist for adding detail.

  • Damage Control

    The app can also track any visible damage, location of the damage, material damage and recommend solution to fix it. Other details including offenses and penalties, are captured during the inspection and verified with an on-screen signature captured on completion.

  • Quick Reports

    A complete inspection report can then be printed for the customer providing them with a physical copy of the inspection.

  • Instant Updates

    The complete inspection is then transmitted to the back-end host providing instantaneous updates.


  • Minimize Paperwork

    Capture the inspection information directly onto the mobile device. Eliminate task redundancy.

  • Greater accuracy and detail

    Improved data accuracy due to notes and photo support.

  • Increase responsiveness

    Update and invoice all inspections as they occur; decrease billing cycle times.

  • Increase productivity through better communication

    Create real-time information flow between the back office and field workers.

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