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Mobile Shop Floor Solutions

The competitive nature of the manufacturing sector calls for real time access to data about workforce available, production schedule, work-in-progress, machine availability and so on. This in an otherwise technology-devoid situation where there is likelihood of a lot of time wastage, paperwork and communication gap between various stakeholders of the process. Manufacturers, today surely don’t want to lose out on precious time and resources because of unplanned breakdown.

The Mobile Shop Floor Solution provides a platform through which managers can effectively control and oversee shop-floor activities and smoothly troubleshoot problems using real-time information and communication.

Technologies Powering Mobile Shop Floor Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Internet of Things

  • Cloud

How It Works

Mobile Shop Floor Solutions gives you access and control to the data related to the following:

Mobile Shop Floor Solutions gives you access and control to the data related to the following:

  • Work-in-Progress

    This helps the shop floor in-charge to plan the schedule more accurately.

  • Labour Force

    The labour availability data on the move can help manager plan the production schedule.

  • Inventory

    Both the finished goods and raw material inventory data enables the manager to take decisions more efficiently.

  • Bridge the communication gap

    The stakeholders of the process inside and outside the organization can have a seamless connection that will reduce wastage and losses. Enable managers and workers to leverage technology by constant connectivity, which would help them fix issues with minimum delays.

  • KPI Dashboard

    Obtain status updates of all shop floor activities over a single platform.


  • Control

    Gain complete control over your shop floors. Monitor plant usage, machine performance and throughput, etc., to manage downtime.

  • Status updates on a single page

    View information about key performance indicators such as line Utilization, Equipment Performance.

  • Monitor Inventory

    Maximize your just-in-time strategy to improve ROI by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs

  • Manage better

    Optimize labour & resource utilization with improved management through automation

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