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Mobile Check Deposit Solutions

Time is the biggest constraint for the new generation and, being tech savvy they want to control everything through their devices. In this situation, it becomes really important for banks to improve the banking experience of their customers by acknowledging this fact.

Using mobile cheque deposit solutions, customers can deposit cheques quickly and in a secure way.

Technologies Powering Mobile Check Deposit Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Big Data & Analytics

  • Wearables

How It Works

The Mobile Cheque Deposit Solution simplifies depositing cheques with the following services:

The Mobile Cheque Deposit Solution simplifies depositing cheques with the following services:

  • Cheque deposit

    Enable your customers to deposit cheques using their smartphone. The customer selects the account to which money is to be deposited, enters the amount, shoots pictures of both sides of the cheque to be deposited using their phone’s camera, then enters required details and waits for a confirmation alert.

  • Notifications

    If the cheque is rejected, a notification can immediately be sent to the person sending money.

  • Security measures

    Stringent security measures have been implemented which can trace the device from which deposition was made, in order to keep a check on any kind of fraud.


  • Convenience

    Provide a convenient way of depositing cheques anytime anywhere and that too speedily.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce check collection costs and improve profitability

  • Quick clearance

    Allow quicker clearance of cheque

  • Competitive edge

    Maintain a competitive edge against your competitors


Deep understanding of banking industry and customer insights.

Internet scale platforms and other cloud capabilities to enable millions of transactions every day.

IPs like Brand Kinesis and MobiousLoop to build avantgarde solutions and encourage user adoption.

Complete adherence to banking, data security and consumer privacy regulations.

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