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New age auction tool.

A mobile auction solution takes your silent auction to the next level by replacing your traditional auction with a mobile application. It allows more bidders to participate, resulting in higher bids and greater awareness of your cause. This solution helps you achieve better fundraising results with far less work. The greatest advantage to moving your traditional bidding to a mobile solution is that your auction can run 24/7 for a week or longer.

How it works:

Mobile auction solution provides a custom event page with information about your organization, the purpose of the fundraiser and your catalog of auction items. It sells the tickets to your event online, alongside your auction. The mobile app hosts the online venue and administers the online auction, as well as monitors the auction traffic and sends statistics to the organization. This solution completes the transactions with winning bidders, including invoicing, receiving payments and pursuing late payments. It will even reconcile the event details and send the results to your company.


  • Generate more revenue with a mobile auction solution
  • More convenient and easier for guests to pre-register and bid from wherever they are, without having to push through a crowded room to get to paper bid sheets
  • Save time and reduce hassles
  • Encourages more bidding by alerting bidders on their device if they have been outbid
  • Reduce long check-in and check-out lines
  • Eliminate paper bid sheets and minimize manual data entry
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