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Mobile Car & Vehicle Connectivity Solutions

With the advancement in technology customers look for more convenience and comfort. Customers today are also eager to know more about the performance of their car and actions that they can take to improve their vehicle’s performance. This presents automobile manufacturers with a new challenge; of providing relevant data, continuous connectivity and advanced ways of providing travel entertainment.

The Mobile Car & Vehicle Connectivity Solution enables the customer’s smartphone to connect with the entertainment system in his car. It turns his smartphone into a console. The app also analyses On Board Diagnostics information and gives alerts with real-time vehicle data. It also plays his music files via the entertainment system and allows him to take calls without distracting him from the road.

Technologies Powering Mobile Car & Vehicle Connectivity Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Internet of Things

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Content Management Systems

How It Works

The Mobile Car & Vehicle Connectivity Solution provides infotainment on the road. The solution offers the following key functionalities:

The Mobile Car & Vehicle Connectivity Solution provides infotainment on the road. The solution offers the following key functionalities:

  • In-vehicle entertainment

    Customers can connect their smartphones with the entertainment system via Bluetooth/USB to make the smartphone act like a console for their car. The solution integrates various in-car systems such as display and audio functions with the customer’s handset, offering more options for leisure and enjoyment.

  • Listen to your vehicle

    The app analyses OBD data and generates context specific alerts by. It collects real-time data about the car’s operation.

  • And talk to your phone

    The speech recognition feature turns the smartphone into a hands free console.


  • Safe driving

    It makes driving safe by using features like crash notifications and emergency assistance.

  • Navigation Assistant

    Assists in navigation by using maps and real-time traffic information

  • Entertainment

    Used as entertainment device for music download and streaming content.

  • Socia Media

    Integration with social media channels


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