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[x]cube – Leading iPad Developer

[x]cube LABS is a premiere mobile app development company with 600+ apps across all popular platforms and numerous Fortune 100 clients. Over the years, we have partnered with enterprises across all verticals, of all sizes to build both, enterprise-level and customer-facing iPad apps.

[x]pert in iPad Application Development

We understood very early that an app for an iPad cannot be mere a scale-up version of an iPhone app. It has to be a native iPad app, exclusively designed for it. The app has to be built considering the bigger screen real-estate and various other technical features & specifications which makes it different than an iPhone. And, that’s why we started investing resources and efforts to be on the top of the game. Our experience tells us that delighting iPad users requires much more beyond a technically sound app. The application also needs to be intuitive & engaging and fit perfectly to the various iPad exclusive properties.

Why choose [x]cube LABS as your iPad App Developer?

  • Engineering: An expert team of iPad developers and mobile engineers to work with strong expertise on its various iOS platform versions and device types.
  • Design: An experienced design team with numerous awards to its credit to help you optimally use the vast screen space and other design features.
  • Competency: Right from ideation, strategy, design to app submission and monetization- we have experts to take care of the entire project lifecycle.
  • Quick time-to-market: Over 100 APIs and other plug-n-play solutions to help us build big projects in quick time.
  • Competitive pricing: Best app development practices and efficient resource utilization strategies and methodologies to keep the cost of your project low.

To discuss your iPad app development project, get in touch with us at connect@xcubelabs.com

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      We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


        We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party