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HTML5 app development

[x]cube LABS is a leading enterprise app development and consulting company. With over 600 apps to our credit across all major platforms, from customer facing to process oriented apps, we are the preferred technology partner of several Fortune 100 companies.

Why develop HTML5 apps?

The age-old native apps vs. web apps debate refuses to go away. As app publishers clamor for a cost-effective, multi-platform development support, HTML5 is taking the center stage in the world of mobile application development space. HTML5 web apps offer numerous benefits like:

  • Freedom from app store restrictions.
  • Support for multiple platforms.
  • Support for audio & video streaming.
  • Standardized codes for improved semantic value of web page.
  • Offline app cache for offline browsing, speedy file uploads and less server loads.
  • Support for geo-location services.
  • Enables advanced UI components for better experience.

Why choose [x]cube LABS as your HTML5 app developer?

  • Team: Over 100 HTML5 application developers, app designers and other mobile specialists with complete authority over HTML5 platform standards.
  • Design: A strong team of award-winning designers and UI/UX experts who know the pulse of international audience.
  • Competency: From helping you migrate your existing application to building HTML5 app from scratch; our proficiency is unmatched as we can help you throughout your mobility journey.
  • Quick time to market: With over 100 APIs & numerous intellectual properties, we can drastically reduce your time-to-market.
  • Competitive pricing: Wide range of plug-n-play solutions and frameworks help us deliver high quality apps at competitive quotes.

To discuss your next HTML5 app development project, connect with us at connect@xcubelabs.com.

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        We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


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