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2 days of practical, hands-on activities that will help you understand the patterns of disruption in the digital world and help you come up with solutions that offer 10X value.


You know your business well but we're born digital and can help you apply the patterns of disruption that are creating tremendous value the world over. Together we can create the path to disrupt your industry. Participants: CXO's, heads and cross functional groups.


Identify the real challenges and opportunities in your industry. Understand patterns of disruption and identify the one that applies to your company. Create and test solutions the "new way", required for this approach. Create business cases and apply models to create roadmaps and manage risk.


The Nature of disruption Underpinnings of the new environment Foundations of The Renaissance World Analysis of the State of your Business Principles of Renaissance Enterprise.


Tools and methodologies to set the path of disruption in your business. Solutions and business cases that can fuel disruption.

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