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Mobile Investment Portfolio Solutions

Managing one’s investment portfolio requires 24/7 access to the investment profile and continuous assessment of asset allocation. It is also essential to have access to corporate news all the time. Apart from this regular detailed analysis of assets is also required.

The Mobile Investment Portfolio Solution proves valuable for portfolio management as they can provide the information, tools, and workflow necessary to conduct a highly personalized comprehensive, structured, and collaborative portfolio review and goal planning for customers, at any location, while maintaining information security.

Technologies Powering Mobile Investment Portfolio Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Analytics

How It Works

The Mobile Investment Portfolio Solution provides the following functionalities:

The Mobile Investment Portfolio Solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Transactions

    The user is required to download the app and register, post which he can feed previous transactions or make transactions directly through the app.

  • Updates

    Receive news and alerts about ongoing market events and obtain real-time feed which will help in decision making.

  • Graphical analysis

    Use charts in order to monitor price trends for financial instruments.


  • Influence decisions

    Help the the consumers make decisions at their convenience with real-time information

  • Customer relationship

    Improve customer relationship with constant communication

  • App analytics

    Understand your customers better and identify opportunities for better service.

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