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Mobile Field Force Automation Solutions

Although we might be using advanced technologies to manage tasks in offices, it is quite challenging to channel the same efficiency to our on field teams. Coordination, delegation and supervision of different teams on varied locations is time taking and difficult to manage.

The Mobile Field Force Automation Solution is a platform over which office personnel and field personnel can interact seamlessly and enable quick and efficient closure of tasks. The field force automation solution makes use of a Standard Operating Procedure, separate modules for admins and field personnel, task lists and several other features to ensure a smooth flow of information between different stakeholders.

Technologies Powering Mobile Field Force Automation Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • Analytics

  • Content Management Systems

How It Works

The mobile field force solution provides separate modules for the super admin, the admin and the field personnel.

The mobile field force solution provides separate modules for the super admin, the admin and the field personnel.

  • Super admin module

    The super admin is the highest authority and can grant privileges to other users. It enables the manager to monitor the activities of various teams.

  • Admin module

    The admin acts as an interface between the field personnel and the Super admin. The module provides the following functionalities

  • Checklist & SOP creation

    The module allows supervisors to create and manage the Standard Operating Procedure and checklists for tasks.

  • Task management & scheduling

    The app enables delegation of tasks and management of schedules. Creation and closure of job tickets is enabled.

  • Push notifications

    The admin can communicate messages to field personnel via push notifications about new jobs.

  • Field personnel

    The field personnel module empowers the field personnel to manage all the tasks assigned to him effectively. The module provides the following functionalities

  • Task viewer

    Enables your staff to view the open tasks assigned to them.

  • Status updates

    The user can access the checklist, mark the activities completed and notify admin about task completion.

  • Real-time Insigh

    All the relevant information regarding effective field service management is available in real-time including details regarding site location, available resources and so on.

  • Dispatch Information

    Based on the geographical location, expertise and consumer preference, technician team can be recommended.

  • Interactive maps

    Maps are integrated which help to locate the site accurately also suggesting optimal routes. Service staff can also be tracked in order to increase their efficiency.

  • Time entry

    Time taken to finish job is recorded. Work done, spares and new parts required in the job and other details are also noted so as to do quick and fair billing.


  • Reduce errors

    Reduce errors with SOP readily available

  • Greater automation

    Automatic scheduling and prioritizing, thus saving time and improving productivity

  • Monitor trends

    Use app analytics to observe trends and identify promising opportunities through which time and cost can be saved.

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