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We work with businesses to leverage digital as a strategy for project excellence,
back office efficiency and improved collaboration.

We partner with leaders in construction and real estate businesses to take advantage of digital technologies - mobile, cloud, wearables, analytics, etc., for process efficiency, real-time information flow, efficient asset & inventory management and enable data-driven decisions. We help them be more agile and proactive to industry challenges, be more integrated in their operations and be on top of the game with one unified view to all mission-critical data.

A 'Must Have' Tool For Every Professional

South Bay Construction, a leader in Northern California development, chose [x]cube as a strategy and consulting partner to build a cost reference guide that will enable its network of professionals like Architects, Construction Managers, Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Engineers etc., to quickly and accurately estimate commercial construction costs based on project's criteria. We leveraged our leadership in mobile development to deliver a solution that today has become a 'Must Have' tool for every professional in the construction industry.

We Have Tailored Specific Construction Solutions For You

Our digital solutions open a whole new realm of possibilities for businesses in construction & real estate to improve your work processes and empower employees. From enabling your staff at geographically dispersed project sites to leveraging GPS positioning stamps, wearables and mobile devices for on-site documentation, from remotely taking stock of inventories to ensure regular supply to quick analysis of critical data to make better informed decisions to fuel revenue growth - digital technologies are being used in ways unimagined before. We deliver customized, innovative tools leveraging Internet of Things that can accelerate your processes, cut down costs and help you serve your customers better.

We collaborate with real estate companies to reach, engage and acquire business leveraging mobile, Augmented Reality and other enabling technologies. From delivering customer engagement apps, highly engaging and multimedia-powered marketing collaterals that provide 360 view of your projects, to building solutions that help them get a detailed view of their property construction - we ensure that your customer is connected to you, all the time.

Why Choose [x]cube?

We're digital natives
Being a post iPhone company, we know how to leverage digital as a strategy.

Award winning design
Human-centric design approach that has won us accolades in several global platforms.

Not just solutions but market success
Methodologies like Renaissance Enterprise Strategy, Reverse Innovation and Results-Driven Engineering delivering over $2 billion for our clients.

Leaders in digital innovation
Experience developing over 700 digital products and solutions for growth-oriented Fortune 1000 enterprises and entrepreneurs.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party