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Mobile Car Owner Solutions

You can now leverage technology to give more services to your customers which they can access from their smartphones. Enable customers to maintain their car and mange car functions easily.

The purpose of the Mobile Car Owner Solutions is to provide drivers with convenient access to several car functions/ features on their handheld device. It assists in controlling and managing many of the car functions. It thus, enables owner to keep a track of car’s maintenance and functioning and hence better experience for owners.

Technologies Powering Mobile Car Owner Solutions

  • Mobile

  • Internet of Things

  • Big Data & Analytics

  • Content Management Systems

How It Works

The Mobile Car Owner Solution provides the following functionalities:

The Mobile Car Owner Solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Monitor your car

    Mobile car owner solutions enables car owners to view the vehicle’s dashboard values, such as fuel level, trip meters, etc., on his smartphone. This solution will let vehicle owners remotely view the battery life left on their car, as well as the time required and approximate cost to recharge it.

  • Manage Vehicle Temperature

    Owners will also be able to remotely detect the internal temperature of their vehicle, as well as turn on the air conditioning.

  • Parking Help

    The solution lets the car’s user mark parking spots on a map so that they can easily locate their car in large parking lots.

  • Reminders

    Additionally, it will give insurance reminders and service reminders about the vehicle.


  • Vehicle Maintenance

    Enable clients to better maintain their vehicles with regular about the maintenance and care of the automobile

  • Customer Engagement

    Keep customers engaged by sharing relevant info and pushing notifications.

  • Notifications

    Broadcast notification about latest models and events

  • Tracking

    Monitor app usage among your clients and gain valuable insights about the issues related to their vehicles


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