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Implement Gamification At Your Enterprise


  • Enable your employees to see the bigger picture
  • Increase customer interaction to motivate brand experience
  • Make instant feedback as an incentive
  • Increase the visibility of their progress or contribution
  • Encourage cross engagement


  • Inculcate sense of progress through visual indicators and progress bars
  • Drive sense of accomplishment in the form of leaderboards
  • Employ external motivation factors such as badges and trophies
  • Make training and achievements more visible
  • Initiate reinforcement of learning to increase motivation

Behavioral change

  • Promote positive and cultural behavioral change
  • Educate employees around new tools & processes in a fun and engaging way
  • Achieve desired behavior with greater ease
  • Give employees additional reasons to do it with more focus, speed & more depth
  • Motivate the workforce & help to sustain long term behavioral change

Enterprise Gamification Framework



Turn casual visitors into loyal customers and drive sustained engagement

  • Adopt, repeat use, and encourage valued behavior
  • Recommend & refer through social networks
  • Increase retention and conversion in retail & e-commerce
  • Improve branding efforts in entertainment
  • Target and motivate your customers to your brand


Build trust and credibility with your customers to encourage deeper customer retention

  • Online communities that focus on user reputation
  • User generated content as their core business model
  • Create engaging site experiences
  • Monitor social media pages for consumer-brand reaction
  • Build trust and profits through customer involvement


Tap into people's natural desires for achievement, social value, fun,and external gains

  • Enhances an existing competitive scenario
  • Suitable in contexts like challenge-oriented experiences
  • Encourages specialization and focus
  • Enables visibility of specialization through badges & level-ups
  • Fosters cooperation and collaboration



Create a knowledgeable, engaged workforce to improve business performance

  • Convert a mundane project into a step-by-step, easy to follow guide
  • Implement metrics for efficiency, quality of work, productivity etc
  • Support & encourage the development of talent and skills
  • Offers clear visualization of progress
  • Drive better performance and employee satisfaction


Inspire knowledge sharing and meaningful employee collaboration through gamification

  • Give organization-wide visibility to people with specific skills
  • Allows easy problem-to-skill matching
  • Focuses on awarding skill or expertise related badges and recognition
  • Drives a better knowledge sharing culture
  • Promote positive team behavior and compel action


Create, deploy, and measure challenges that keep employees motivated

  • Add a layer of competition to repetitive, recurring tasks
  • Encourage performance enhancement through competitions
  • Focus on increasing productivity & make work more fun
  • Motivate job performance through leaderboard, daily checklists,etc
  • Foster an enhanced culture of innovation

Enterprise Gamification Methodology

All gaming frameworks serve as reference points only. There is no hard-and-fast rule, however overlap of multiple frameworks is often necessary based on your needs. Add elements of gaming into your instructional strategy with the goal of increasing engagement, motivation and participation.

Identify Objectives

  • Is your enterprise employee centric or customer centric?
  • Focus on revenue increase, retention, engagement, or others
  • Specific objectives to be met with respect to challenges and opportunities

Identify Constraints

  • Is your gamification strategy short term or long term?
  • Are remote teams a factor here?
  • How to accommodate the organizational hierarchy in this gamification project?

Stakeholder Perspective

  • In case of employees, review their key functions, repeat tasks, short term and long term goals, and more
  • In case of customers, understand customer journey and touchpoints, current engagement models and conversion mechanics, and more

Define Gamification Metrics

  • In-depth analysis for customers or employees to identify specific metrics that needs improvement
  • Find ways to make them precisely measurable
  • Develop a detailed gamification plan based on all research and feedback, identifying specific features, gamification mechanics, etc.

Implementation & Launch

  • Begin an iterative process to flesh out the gamification framework based on feedback from stakeholders
  • Implement a high-level gamification framework
  • Soft launch Beta launch Full launch


  • 24by7 ongoing support
  • New features and ideas to keep the gamification layer alive and interesting
  • Continual monitoring, support, and maintenance based on deep analytics


Experts In:

  • Insights in social gaming
  • Engaging audiences worldwide
  • Operating games at a scale of millions of users
  • Running gaming as a service
  • Scalable gaming, powered by highly flexible cloud tech
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