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Enterprise Chatbot Development

Build Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence to engage your
customers and employees

Bots For Everyone



Enhance digital healthcare experiences by conversational and personalized engagements

  • Scheduling appointments with doctors
  • Saving payment methods for quick processing
  • Patient education using rich media & text commands
  • Converting transactional relationships into informative patient interactions
  • Tracking & storing receipts and records for future reference


Keep shoppers digitally engaged and satisfied and get ahead of the competition.

  • Cross selling and lead generation
  • Engaging in open conversations and context
  • Providing simple and timely information & replies to FAQs
  • Coordinating between multiple users
  • Triggering conversations to gather data.


Utilise chatbots to attract new customers, drive more sales per customer, and cultivate loyalty in the digital age.

  • Reactivation of card and direct access to security settings
  • Upsell & Cross-sell to drive revenue
  • Wire Money Transfer by using relevant information
  • Providing a conversational & engaging customer experience
  • Providing real-time financial advice at the point of engagement


Offer conversational coverage for policyholders, and deliver the digital care & service that fosters trusted relationships.

  • Manage digital claims conversationally
  • Launching campaigns to support an insurer’s new products & market their brand
  • Obtaining quote information & binding it to automate the sale of a new policy
  • Educating the customers on insurance products and services

Chatbot Development Methodology

Bot Workshop

  • Define Bot Functionality
  • Draw a Conversational Flow
  • User Experience & Personality
  • User Acceptance Tests

Test & Train

  • Testing User Experience
  • Training the bot

Technical Design

  • The Business Logic
  • Training the Bot

Leverage the Power of Automation with Our Services

Chatbot Integration

  • Integrate smart chatbots with leading payment solutions.
  • Build Bots for CRM/Support & Social Media Integration.
  • Integrate machine learning chatbots that evolve based on user queries.
  • Integrate avatar or speech capabilities with AI Platforming services.

Chatbot Development

  • Use NLP Integration to generate summarized response based chatbot.
  • Employ Custom Feature Creation service to build a customized virtual agent.
  • Use Machine Learning Algorithms to take textual input and map it to a particular intent.
  • Employ Chatbot Expertise to convert input into a query for a search engine.

Chatbot Design

  • Design Chatbots according to content hierarchy & interface preferences.
  • Customize the AI/ML content for any project or vertical market.
  • Build natural language interfaces for connected things.
  • Personalize chatbot speech mannerisms with content input obtained from real-world.

Chatbot Strategy

  • Messaging strategy to make proactive purchasing recommendations.
  • Induce customers to buy more or spend more time on your website.
  • Platform Selection and Use-Case Modeling to find solutions quickly.
  • Analytics and Optimization of received files like images, documents or links.

Make Conversational Computing a Reality

  • Send notifications & Place Orders.
  • Increase Customer Engagement.
  • Round the Clock Accessibility.
  • Human-Touch Approach.
  • Self Service Portals.
  • Faster Purchasing Process.
  • Automation of Customer Support.
  • Respond to Customer Queries.
  • Private and Secured Communication.
  • Reduce the Mundane Tasks.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party