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Customer Engagement Mobile App Development - [x]cube LABS

Revolutionizing personal fitness sessions
TeleSlim and [x]cubeLABS joined hands to create an app that revolutionizes personal fitness and transforms the way one works out.

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Revolutionizing personal fitness sessions

TeleSlim and [x]cubeLABS joined hands to create an app that revolutionizes personal fitness and transforms the way one works out.

Here's how we helped Teleslim revolutionize personal fitness with a customer engagement app.


What do you do when you're keen on a fitness regimen but cannot hit the gym because of your work schedules and cannot afford to hire a personal trainer to oversee your workouts? The solution is as simple as downloading an app and registering yourself to get an exclusive personal trainer allotted to you. Your trainer can create customized training schedules, offer you advice, guidance and a personalized fitness plan based on your age, BMI and experience - basically coach you remotely from anywhere, anytime.

With an aim of revolutionizing personal fitness and training sessions for enthusiasts, TeleSlim collaborated with [x]cubeLABS to create an app that helps transform your life and the way you work out, irrespective of which corner of the world you are based in.

Why is TeleSlim an App?

An app will certainly have much more reach. So, accessibility is the main factor that motivated the creation of this app. While all the activities like choosing a trainer, scheduling a workout regimen and the trainee accessing and following it can be done through a website, it's easier to reach out to the smartphone using generation via an app rather than a HTML page. And features like an integrated timer aren't possible on a web page.

What's Unique About the App?

The app aids those fitness buffs who want to train under a personal trainer even while working out at home. The trainer not only gives personalized workout schedules, but is also available to make necessary changes to the schedule based on individual requirements.

This basically works on a subscription model where the client registers for 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc. Based on the package selected, the customer's whole workout regimen will be planned and given.

Healthcare Mobile App Development - [x]cube LABS

What Did We Do?

In the first phase, we have created the app for both iOS and Android platforms, the website, the trainer dashboard and the admin dashboard. While the trainer takes care of the workout plans, schedules, etc., the admin controls everything in the app - payments, trainers, clients, etc.

During the pre-production phase, we had a lot of discussions and brainstorming sessions revolving around understanding the client's requirements, drafting of the requirements doc and deciding on the features - what should or shouldn't be there, the roadmap, etc.

Based on the feedback, we've taken care of the design and the backend technology part which needed to be really strong and robust as everything comes from the backend.


Personal training sessions:

Enjoy the benefits of training under an exclusive personal trainer allotted to you. Don't just track your calorie intake and the amount of workout you do but get the feel of working out at a gym.

Choose your trainer:
Just sign up, register, and see the list of trainers and check which trainer suits your training needs based on his/her specialties and experience.

Anywhere, anytime access:
The trainer you selected can schedule a phone call with you to understand your requirements and create workouts for the next few days and saves the schedule on the dashboard which can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

Optimum utilization:
Pay for the trainer who gives you exercises on a regular basis and for what you get as opposed to a physical gym where you pay for the accessories and the training equipment rather than for the trainer's services. Experience the personal touch of your trainer.

Customer Engagement App in Healthcare Industry  - [x]cube LABS

Beginner's paradise:
A beginner will find the app as handy as those who are familiar with workout sessions. Once you register, answer a set of questions about height, weight, medical problems, level of training, previous experience (if any), etc., and based on the answers which the trainer gets to see, a training workout will be assigned to take care of your specific requirements.

Stay in Touch:
The trainer dashboard helps the trainer to communicate with his client as and when possible. They can even chat – not in real-time but more in terms of leaving a message for each other. The trainer can fix up a call and talk to the trainee in case they both find it necessary, and the latter has opted in.

Integrated Timer:
The timer on the app starts as per the schedule and at the end of the session, the client needs to confirm that the exercise has been completed. Whatever the trainee inputs into the app, it is recorded.

TeleSlim - Personalized Gym Schedule Mobile Application - [x]cube LABS
Workouts Apps Development - [x]cube LABS


As everything comes from the backend, laying the foundation for the frontend with a robust backend was a very important prerequisite. There are a lot of dashboards and a lot of data which keeps getting populated in the app; handling that kind of data from so many users was kind of challenging. We spent a lot more time on the backend than on the frontend.

There are different dashboards and the client needed access to everything - as an admin, as a trainer, as a trainee. They are all independent of each other other but, at the same time, related and the admin needs to be on top of everything. So, we needed to create a separate window and getting all the data in one place was a challenge.

Division of functionalities into different things and segregating the data was another challenge. As the client didn't want in-app purchases, we also needed to figure out a way on how to bypass that. The solution was the subscription model.

Getting everything on one screen was a challenge as it entails a lot of parameters - including profile of the user, a chat box, the list of workouts (both historical and upcoming ones), results, write notes, give workout messages, etc., which took up a lot of time.

Despite accepting changes and omissions suggested by AppStore, convincing Apple that this is a genuine model adopted by companies like Netflix and that users will really be paying on the website and using this app to access the workout schedules proved to be a challenge. After a month, we finally managed to convince them.


How did we tackle the major challenges? By dividing everything into different modules during the design phase - and made sure the admin gets access to everything he needs to control and oversee.

To make the frontend more attractive and appealing to the user, we tried to add a few animations in terms of Design.

As we needed to accommodate a lot of requirements from the client - like users being able to see everything in one screen instead having to go to multiple screens - we ensured that the dashboards don't look too cumbersome on the smaller screen of a mobile device.

We've developed two different interfaces for the mobile and the website. Also, the user sees different settings on the dashboard - a menu, a workout schedule, besides being able to watch videos via the trainer's YouTube channel. The trainer, if he so wishes, can create his own exercise, make a video, and upload it on his YouTube channel and share the link with his trainee(s). When the user opens his app, he sees the details of the exercise schedule and the thumbnail of the YouTube video as well.


We're able to show everything in one screen and the client, therefore, is happy with what we did. The very fact that we got roped in for the Phase 2 with more features and additions is an indication of how happy the client is with our work.

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We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party