Your guide to IoT best practices, insights across industries, future scope and much more

The Comprehensive IoT Landscape Report 2020

Our landscape report takes an in-depth look at how IoT is transforming industries, all the stats, projections and areas of impact as we step into a new decade. Additionally, from our experience of delivering a large number of IoT Products, we've detailed the best practices to keep in mind while building solutions. Consider this report the answer to every possible question you might have about the fascinating world of the Internet of Things!

Who is This Report For?

Business Leaders/Product Owners

Already have an IoT product? Thinking about a new one? Irrespective of the industry you're from, this guide will help you understand how to leverage IoT right

Technology/Digital Transformation Enthusiasts
Excited about new possibilities that IoT brings to the world around? Interested to know more? Get our report

Technology Researchers

Want a deep-dive into everything IoT? Looking for the right numbers and projections to understand the extent of IoT's impact? Look no further

What's in this Report?

In-depth Perspective

Industry-wise Overview

Development Best Practices

Know all about global spending, projected growth, impact, focus areas and more

Learn the various ways IoT is transforming major industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and agriculture

The right way to plan and execute every development phase, derived from our experience of delivering 

Our Core Beliefs

Securing IoT Solutions

Technology Deep Dive

Fundamental issues to identify and overcome on the path to digital transformation

Everything you need to now to ensure your solutions meet the highest security standards

Key networking technologies and protocols that serve as the building blocks of the Internet of Things

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